How is your Relativity?

Unity and Equality

Hot Chocolate des Marijuanathen early to bed n’ early too ….zzz..
This Cup ofhot chocolateprobably is a more benign way to treat insomnia and other stresses/fatigues lumbered upon us in our modern world. Nowhere near as addictive and a helluva lot more sociable than ye olde kerplunk! “head in the mince n’ tatties” after a Temazepam hit, a.k.a “Jellies”. Probably healthier than diazepam and Xanax. I am of course speaking about oral ingestion and Using it at night time before you hit the hay.
I am of course speaking about oral ingestion of Marijuanaand Using it at night time before you hit the hay.
I’ve never looked at the medical studies on the topic ” Medicinal Herbage”. All I know is that it can’t be taxed (within current political beliefs) Also it keeps money floating into the Judiciary. ( Fines /imprisonment. community payback…

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How is your Relativity?

Source: How is your Relativity?

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How is your Relativity?

Hot Chocolate des Marijuana then early to bed n’ early too ….zzz..
This Cup of hot chocolate probably is a more benign way to treat insomnia and other stresses/fatigues lumbered upon us in our modern world. Nowhere near as addictive and a helluva lot more sociable than ye olde kerplunk! “head in the mince n’ tatties” after a Temazepam hit, a.k.a “Jellies”. Probably healthier than diazepam and Xanax. I am of course speaking about oral ingestion and Using it at night time before you hit the hay.
I am of course speaking about oral ingestion of Marijuana and Using it at night time before you hit the hay.
I’ve never looked at the medical studies on the topic ” Medicinal Herbage”. All I know is that it can’t be taxed (within current political beliefs) Also it keeps money floating into the Judiciary. ( Fines /imprisonment. community payback orders ) which maketh and keepeth jobs. For If, as many know that if all Drugs were decriminalised then that cash which goes into the Judicial system could be used in our local communities to more effect.
Also if the home office really wanted to stop the availability of illegal drugs hitting the streets then with the technology/ surveillance they have, then they could.
Most Crimes, the highest % are drug related. So if you take away the black Marketeer’s influence on society and put it into the pocket of the treasury/government (of which some argue it already is) (“Freakonomics” a book I have still to read) then you take away the power of the street level dealer and that subculture goes into decline.
Crime also, I would imagine and quite drastically.
But what to do with the people who now have no job, legal or illegal? I suppose this might and could make way for a new generation of Doctors/surgeons which in the future would help with understaffing and funding problems as more money could be put into the failing N.H.S. + Create more carers Jobs so our elderly are not stuck at home, cold and alone, as one day that could be us.
Under a New Independent Scotland, we could do so much for people and society at large. By showing how a society can be altruistic and wise. we could take all the Good parts of other Societies and with new technologies create a healthy society lifting the veil on the “depressive shiny Utilitarianism of capitalism” which does not work! because it comes at the expense of others The have’s and the have’s not.” (to cut a broad stroke). And an arrogance that comes that is almost bred/installed as a norm (and it is their Norm) with the have’s, look at parts of American society and politics at large. it is in their eyes one God given right, to exact power and implement what they will. if The Powerful politic of today truly understood the great thinkers then they would be better at their jobs and just probably better human beings.
And what an arrogance that comes with “super-wealth” that is almost bred/installed as a norm (and it is their Norm) with the have’s. look at parts of American society and politics at large. it is in their eyes one God given right, to exact power and implement what they will. if The Powerful politic of today truly understood the great thinkers then they would be better at their jobs and just probably better human beings.
look at parts of American society and politics at large. it is in their eyes, “One God given right” to exact power and implement what they will. if The Powerful politic of today truly understood the great thinkers like Einstein\Chomsky etc, then they would be better at their jobs and just probably better human beings.
Relativity For Example;
” If you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That is relativity”.
And if it is God given the wealth of the elite? Then that begs a huge question?
And if it is God-given, the wealth of the elite? Then that begs a huge question?
And if it is God-given, the wealth of the elite? Then that begs a huge question?
The question being!.  “who do they truly and ultimately serve?”
And honestly, it is okay, in these times of tribulation if you want to sit at home and just keep on living the way you want to. It has taken me awhile to understand that some do not wish to remove the blinkers (It’s sad and painful) and would rather and do, let others Protest, (The Tolpuddle Martyrs) and stand up to Trump, the now unmasked and subtle silky  Corporate Fascism. and the comfortable “for some” who are living in “real time” within their own bubble of relativity.
life can be comfortable and you wish the same for your children, I get that, truly!
But if you ask a child, should everyone have the same? I.E “availability of choices” and be treated equally? Then you as an educated person/parent have a duty. Whatever that time can afford you? Then use it to help better someone’s life/s.
I hate how on the streets you see the Jehovah’s witnesses and other denominations out preaching, yet not 3 feet away from them is some homeless person out begging. That in itself beggars belief!
In Poland at Christmas (i think) when setting the table they set an extra place, which remains empty, as it is a symbolic gesture. I like the warmth of that tradition.
But Is it not about time! We as people started to help fill those empty seats and HELPED in getting people off of the streets and opening up once again the power for the needy and vulnerable to have the power to “have” and make chioces again.
Love thy Neighbour, sums it all up. 
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Philosophical Qoute

“Swim in knowledge or drown in your ignorance”


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Declaration of independence is Not understood

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,

In reading this “The declaration of independence” it Occurs to me that many Americans have not read it or they do not understand it. Furthermore, it proves that The political establishment since the early 90’s have been working contrary to its somewhat poetic principals. in short anti-humanitarian and ironically anti-American according to their own Much adored Founding Fathers. but hey my understanding could be wrong. and what do I know as I am just a haggis chasing sweaty sock.

Let me know your thoughts if you read this blog .. coz maybe i am just tripping !!

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Blame the governments?

This is a broad and sweeping statement, but there is something to be understood in it. And it goes something like this.                                                                                                     Out of the 380 or so persons that appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court yesterday, 150+ of the people present were so, solely due to Financial Troubles.                                           Insurance companies, Banks and debt consolidation companies versus a person.          In Nut Shell “Money Chasing Money”                                                                                               We are on this #Planet for such a short time yet we are enslaved by Corporations and debt.

We are Led by leaders who pass laws instead of having altruistic ideas.

We hear families who blame the education system for their children’s lack of discipline, when in fact, that responsibility, for the most part, is theirs                           We see individuals who have no authority/power possibly compassion in their Private lives who dominate others when possible in their working lives, especially when given a uniform.                                                                                                                                                 We dislike people for petty Jealousies instead of realising it as a moment of growth. We talk about people behind their backs without a word of positivity.                                 We have Charitable “organisations” but are not truly charitable ourselves ” charity begins at home” what a bullshit expression! And furthermore, you must tick all the boxes and sign on the dotted line before you receive any charity from an organisation. But imagine if there were no charities .. what dire straits indeed.

We are wary of strangers striking up a conversation.                                                                We work within a system that many know it is broken.                                                              We seem to be more interested in American politics to the point that it is Just another reality show to be consumed.

Many Men have never been told or educated to understand that our wandering eye becomes stronger as Middle age approaches that’s why many trade up for a younger model. “Hello, Divorce!“And both Sexes are to blame in using positions of authority to get what they want.

We may also look at the AMISH and think they are weird, but fail to see that their sense of Community is Strong.                                                                                                                Many believe in love at 1st sight but are cynical of those who say they have got it.       The veneer of civilisations is exactly that a veneer, but why?                                                We also like to think we know a lot but, at times are too proud for the most part to ask if we do not know.                                                                                                                                      Also, Unless you know what Projecting ONTO someone else is, You will probably be doing it yourself.

Many of us do not like to ask for help out of fear of rejection which in itself says a lot about the current state of Humanity. when all you hear is “NO!”

A mantra will serve you well, as it is a form of training the brain, solidifying the thought process. But the mantra that serves no-one well is, “That’s the way things are and things will never change.And some hardened hearts say; “you get nothing for nothing” but forget that they were born out of a nothingness.

The basic income for citizens might be a way forward out of poverty #basicincome

Since 9-11 how many children have been orphaned?

We are bombarded with Visual stimuli via ad campaigns yet accept this programming as the norm. What would be more normal is the campaigns to end poverty and the other social ills of the day. but until governments stop spending on war and loading their own coffers. And the irony is that we know this.

Also, N.L.P is used in the positive but it is also used in the negative, from politics to the abused wife, husband, Son, daughter etc.

They say you cannot buy health, but if you have the Money, then a new liver can be grown for you or if you are a few bucks short then one can pinch one from a 3rd world country.

Yes, the governments are to blame but so am I, So are you, So are we.

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Politicians n Sociopaths ad infintum


It’s Scientifically proven that; Subconsciously certain intelligent people ( who may lack a full education) like to surround themselves with less intelligent folks as it makes them feel a sense of superiority. However, Intelligent, fully educated people who do this to their own advantage, knowingly/consciously can be classed as manipulators, sociopaths. For example look at the recent and past elections in America and elsewhere in the World.

For example look at the recent and past elections in America and elsewhere in the World.
These candidates/presidents, for the most part, are highly intelligent and have intelligent people behind them (ass-lickers) working behind the scenes (and that is giving ass licking a bad rep )
.And so sadly we the misled “the hoi polloi” see them the “political elite” (a.k.a Sociopaths) as having all the answers.
And sadly to our detriment that is the one thing they count on. and more so now than ever before!. With an ever-growing and dumbed down Xbox society, with puff pieces as news and blockbuster films churned out more now than ever (of which tbh I am a fan of Marvel and movies in general)
I digress.
Politicians they rely on this tactic to reach the dumbed down With THEIR snappy sound bites and motifs and Logos. and fear mongering the middle classes that they might have to pay an extra cent on their gasoline or an extra dime on their  taxes (God forbid)
Because for the most part, they have been dumbing down the population since high school grades were on the up! Late 70’s the early 80’s? and people/kids were becoming smarter. more folks going to college/university etc.

in fact the plebs have always been; 1- cannon fodder 2-kept in the dark like mushrooms and 3- not given a two flying fucks about, Ever!! Unless their luxurious way of life was threatened i.e their bank balance.
Is it easy to blame a president? yes! as that takes the onus off of you!!
Do they the establishment, east and west cause dissension and filter it out into the world via their government-backed think tanks? No doubt! just like ISIS uses twitter and facebook! they sling mud at each other why? because they do not care about the culture of Humanity! but the culture of themselves!
They care only about the culture of power, money and greed and some sort of weird fucked up World Domination, So they can create their own promised land for their Children their Bloodline and their children’s children.(That’s’ the way it looks folks) “Nepatism”
Even for all the evil that Hitler embodied! At least he was pretty plain speaking and out there with his ideology.

I do not know if this is true? or not!
But just before J.F.K Was assassinated He, was alleged to have said that ” there is a plot to get every man woman and child in this country into debt”
And so it would seem, just like Hitler, that the agenda of the major powers of the world are at now at work and like Hilter out in the open getting you into DEBT(making you the middle classes comfortably numb) so you have no time to think or Heaven Forbid Rock the boat because you have too much to lose… the house, you’re car, The kids future .. when to be fair the future is already bleak and has been for many in the slums of certain if not all cities. the continent of Africa child sweat shops.
It has been well documented what some of the world premieres/Presidents have thought and said about their own electorate over the years.

let me ask you this!

  • is a car worth more than a life?
    is a diamond necklace worth more than a life
    is a House worth more than a life?
    is winning the lottery worth more than a life
    is a new smartphone worth more than a life ?
    are the contents of a purse worth more than a life?
    is a certain interpretation of a religion worth more than a life ?

A wise man once said do no think of your Children’s future but instead, think of your Children’s children’s children’s future?

Politicians are few in number and we are many and politicians are meant to work for us not the other way around but we are so bamboozled by sound bites that I can still hear the echo’s of the AMERICAN G.I’s Shouting ” Iraqi freedom!” ” yeah we brought freedom to the people of Iraq!” erm no you made rich people even richer by listening to Sociopaths/ psychopaths.

erm sorry, as many an ex-vet now knows no! You made rich people even richer by listening to Sociopaths/ psychopaths. and we did not even vote for it !!!
Thankfully we live in SCOTLAND . Yes, Scottish troops went to Iraq..and we get the same SOUND BITES as the rest of our Asian and European brothers and sisters also get via their news and biased celebrities.
But by jings, I don’t; think that will happen again with Scottish Soldiers. Which is’ no doubt the reason the powers that be say ” no boots on the ground!”
And finally, at least we have our own Government albeit with limited power. but that I hope is just a temporary measure!
. #IRF2
(Independance Referendum2)

Anyways God bless and may your heart speak louder than your mind and may your ears hear the truth.
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Heading Somewhere

My Life



Heading somewhere


I, decided to leave the church early today that is, after a very quick, small, yet free lunch. Afterwards I was hanging about, so to see if one of the pastors would stop, and speak to myself about my up and coming and very imminent, court case, over my eviction of residence

But alas and alack. I waited, not to long but, long enough to be noticed, twice and then some, yet!         no approach nor, mention, Alas! I lack!!


That was this afternoon, today! 2012 ..

However last night, I spoke to a neighbor who stays but a few streets away, whom, on after knocking and with myself answering my front door, he then approached me verbally. He was asking if I was willing to” House” a Drug Dealer, “it will “only” be for a night or two.” He said. Only?, Which in drug talk, (reading between the lines)  more likely to be until,?  That is, He the “Dealer” ran out of his “wares” Le bad Mojo of illicit drugs!

Although, I would obviously be in for some cash plus le Narcotic which would be cien por cien  if I let him in… si yo mi dejas a el a entra en la casa mia! (Welcome)

Heroin and Crack A.K.A  “asssonamim” if you like it can be called Curry and Rice! Why Curry and rice? well, so some folks do say!  “Curry and rice you can’t have one without the other”


So for his re-load?  A.k.A  “The Drought” he would then, have to travel long distances so to replenish his stock!.

His “Stock” illegal drugs, the Medicines (Plural) “inhale with a breath or, inject buying your way to a quicker slowly death” and cures. yet a cure for one there is none! This one in particular no pill  to which can be dropped. What do Drug dealers, Stockbrokers, bankers and shop Keepers have in common with a Man or a woman? They all got to take Stock! Boom, Boom Fizzzleee!!

I think I will hang up my Boots!

Maybe   give up my night time Job as a comic  P.S I am going to be keeping my Afro wig also possibly maybe the Goldilocks one, with its long curly blond pleats.  I love playing as  ……          Helga Von Biggen Titten!!” das est ZER Gut !  she adds life to me vooondaabraa!!

But joking aside, what does not add to you but takes away, subtracts like a basic primary school arithmetic puzzle?

Abuse, in the form of in my case ” DRUGS” tempting fate, over and over again! some more than others as


they have different tolerances  mentally, physically but yet fickle fate sometimes. once! Like THE VICE GRIP, OF Methamphetamine . Or Crocodile the foul chemicals that go  In -to that life taking, the years dropping off you like flies in an air tight bottle


For, it is Life taking.

if you got real friends Brothers, Sister, Family, wife heartbreaking God Given” I got- a Cure for all yo Ills!” (Doctor John) ”Cures “of a sort” cures for the ill, the enslaved, the mentally and, soulfully demoralized, victimized, a prescription of vitamins for the victims!!.


Personally, I know the dealer, so I know it may not have been him, himself that is! Who travels frequently up into our, “unfair” Granite City? But possibly someone else just using the name that he goes by.

I told my neighbor that I would think about it?  Also, that I had lost my Mobile phone last week.

So I wrote down his number, and I kid you not the Fifth number was a 6.





The Sixth number also was a six! …..

Wait a moment “Currently!” as I write this blog/diary …a Program named “Talking pictures“ is showing a program about, “Orson Welles” which is on  BBC2 – series number, 10 of 18.

He, Orson, just spoke about the ignorance of People, including himself


He Orson spoke also of his Dreams and how on waking he would write down his dreams.

He was also speaking, about Masters of print/film and also Masters of direction! (Which stands to reason as that was his Thing.)


David Frost was the one Interviewing Orson Welles, Sir David Frost who this week sadly passed on to the next place. David Frost that is and not Michael Sheen! Who himself is a fantastic Actor, for example, “Frost Nixon” amongst other great films.

So much so a great actor, that is! that in my book, I now see his “parts/part” (take your mind out of the Gutter)  (lol ) that Sheen’s part in the film “Underworld” where he plays one of the main Werewolves, (Lycans)   I now look upon it more favorably! That is to say, without bias our judgment! GREAT Actor!


One of the parts I caught Sir David was interviewing Orson about His mother whom, it    transpires, was imprisoned a few times I think?   Plus much more it would seem by far!

For her, Mrs. Welles was a suffragette. She was a revolutionary of Equality.

Which to me, is the truest type of revolutionary for, it is a revolution and evolution  Which by my definition, is the Purest form of revolution. One born from within the burning heart of the oppressed sculpted by the pain of time and chained collar to ankle like the Negro slaves upon The Amistad. Or the enslaved Northern Europeans by the Roman Empire (who every now and again got a chance to fight for their freedom) as did eventually the African Americans when the American Civil War broke loose, but as with all inequalities, biases, bigoted views, the Prides and Prejudices of the wealthy Christian landowner, the ignorant views of the uneducated poor. A poor in so much ignorance if they but knew were not dissimilar to the not yet Broken, black carpetbagged and Shackled Amistad crew.

They the peasant’s heeled like a dog to its wealthy merchant owner an Evolution of the mind closer then? For they must have known! In their hearts of hearts what was just and true?.

But hate closing the gates of the Kingdom within the many and not the few. Hiding by laws of self-justifications and money and the old Serpent hissing No Education for you

But this time just like the last time an education is given The serpent that is you could say is the Sin-eater!. images

“Tame the Snake and then you can enter through the gate”.


Oquote everyman loves what he is good atfOR, the peaceful who fight for freedoms and Equality for all, regardless of gender.

That is Peaceful when contrasted with the tactics and forcefulness from the police of today, or law enforcement peoples/soldiers of any age! From any country or, any race, with their guns, shields and helmets and batons. with their shiny Boots and black and blue uniforms.

FROM WHENCE only the flowers of the dead BLOSSOM Remembrance days and flower! And too from those few who are awake or waking up!

From the barn of love within you!

I digress! So, Uniforms! Which if you were to sew a swastika onto their uniforms? Some? then might say “ “ Told you, I saw that one coming!” but, I thought it may have been a lightning bolt! (George Orwell)…

(1984)? Then again, as is the “Norm” sadly! Some may say nothing at all, and simply carry on with the mentality (ideology) of “it does not harm me, plus!  “I do no wrong” and so keep on keeping on, as per “Normal” going to work, like a horse or the jockey atop you but you with its blinkers on.

If you act like an Ass, expect to get Ridden” (Bruce Lee) a

As is the rider too, they, be, just educated to be a little further seeing, than you!

(Standing on the shoulders of Giants)

that my friends, the hoi polloi? is also is you!  As Napoleon said about china a sleeping Giant

(hoi pol·loi [hòy pə lóy]


the masses: ordinary people, as opposed to the wealthy, well-educated, and cultivated elite (disapproving)


Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


(Again I digress) a little God Giving Editing.

2012 still is it 2016?

So, as no doubt did many a Jew think at the time of the third Reich along with Africans, European, human all of a Hue but the Israelites some did see it (Big Cities) prior to WW2 ? ww1 example.


Possibly, and no doubt, In, the blind Hope that the madness (if they recognized it) would pass and go away!

Like a child retreating to their gang hut, or a tree house, a special place to go in times of trouble and distress! Get Home and lock the door!

Today its’ Watch the ex-factor also if there was a 24-hours rolling news channel

Maybe! They, the Corporations etc politics? also are this colour, the uniforms that are the black and blue.

So, as to aid them into camouflaging with the bruised bodies of the walking Dead of the well-meaning and, politically motivated activists of our time! Who are willing to get into a fight or all who dream and sit tight!


Waiting for GOD Deliverance to come.


As like in the times of, Mrs. Welles, That is Orson’s Welles, mother, and a day in the life of her Peers. When the Police “the peelers” “the Bobbies” their uniforms were more Black than Blue As were the justices of that time that were meted out! Black and white and that was that!

“Black the colour of death”


“As Jesus said as did Peter “let the dead bury the dead”


So with the power there invested in them, by the authority of theirs and also of our time, the “your” Governmental Bodies, whether it be Left or right?

Things have remained the same. And where some things have improved, slightly!. Many, many Other things have worsened by far!

So much that we are not a progressive society anymore.

Japan, I like to think is. Norway too! but Britain! We are and are becoming a retarded Society!

They the police are Powered/licensed, by biased Laws, many rushed through under the cloak of Spin, Smoke, and mirrors! And so armed heavily with the laws of our land behind them! The police enforce them! The will, Of the few, yet who are many.


Granted, though, many OFFICERS OF THE LAW probably disagree with some laws! But then again as someone pointed out, they are just muscle for hire! The same as soldier heading off to war to take a life or a bullet, for some idea/ notion plan and more recently lie’s! #Money!!

Whilst our brave leaders, moreover, the powerhouses of modern day dynasties are sitting miles behind enjoying four Holidays a year plus a pension, that with the Money from just one year of their pensions would change my life forever! (Wisdom not included but like batteries needed)

So they, ”our leaders” are sitting in their leather Seats, at the best 5star eateries. While they eat bananas and Scratch there

Arses .. Some may be so dark! That they wish the planet Earth was less populated. So the Earth, an Eden would be there’s!


But as Jesus says; moreover states. “The Meek Shall inherit the Earth”


Let,  “The thin blue line ” sorry, I mean “The thick black and Blue line” who are out in public clothed in law and Kevlar Body armor, wielding Batons, Pepper spray, storm trooper masks and clubs with Taser and hazer, guns with fear and tear gasses, from the rear with Pistols and a snub-nosed automatic  fucking Guns.

Which in itself?  You could call most if not all “legal Deterrents?” hold on a moment,.. they do!

A“WMD” to they who are of frail health yet! Who have strength of heart so to voice their Disgust at the


Many injustices of our Home! OUR, Back garden that is the U.K “The Planet we all share some more than others our Home “Mother Earth”


Whilst the wealthy!

The lawmakers, “The club members”  the influencers, “The shakers and movers” of “our” SHORT time on Earth.

But with their money, influence and power, use their Superior education (LOL) #sarcy  and monetary EMPOWERMENT and any other favor’s that can and do, go “hand in hand”  with their fellow brethren. “Bedfellows” which is akin to a threesome!

A threesome Named; Power, ignorance And Greed”   to coin an Acronym “P.I.G”

Not unlike the Borgia’s of old Rome and of the early Catholic/Christian Church, where their power lay minus the modern weaponry but the ethos was and is the same? a threesome! And you!! The one in the middle getting fucked Sin Per miso

Lay like a coiled Snake and was then like today utilized/enforced with and by them! and by the ignorance, mentality of them sadly!

“The uneducated wealthy or call it a naivety, similar to the bums like myself “slayers of space”

Gospel of Mary”

The down,.. and outs. Or those, who have an excuse, as they know no better! But unlike the hypocrites of today whom, back in those PRE Orwellian days? Were, against all things! Things that did not conform to the norm are led out of fear or a cajoled popular opinion.

But as Jesus said ……..

………           “When blind people lead a blind person?”   Then blind, both people fall into a Pit!”



Orson Welles, it turns out, after listening to what he spoke about and what he said .

. “Love“, his one true and Faithful Love, his woman, his Gal, his Fiancé, his  betrothed?  It was as he stated was “Movie making” Writing the Story then producing it, and all the rest of the good fulfillments that went into the cathedral of His Barn, Orson the Welles’ heart!

From the Hustle and rustle of paper and pen of his mind to the Gold treasure of His Soul Divine!


“For the Pen is mightier than the Sword. And so the Sword of the Lord is the Mightiest Staff of them all”

Today 8 September 2013 16:09  I just heard of a blogger named “Moses Brown” who knows his staff .. (BAD Pun!?!”)


The hand of the Lord is Upon the Righteous of truth as there is no other Righteousness but!

“The Truth” the love of truth!. The seeking the asking the understanding!


It has been a funny week! Funny strange but at times funny great!.. But funny melancholy! I forget the law of what goes into your Mouth does not defile you! It is what comes out of your own Mouth That Defiles you! (Energy negativity) stresses of Life, unhappiness!

Aljazeera Good “sadly” news channel as is Rt Today. The Keiser report with Stacey and Sophia Show!.

As I was saying the 6tth Number was sixth

and i finish with this.

“How hard will it be for the Son of man to find Faith, in those Days!”  (NIV) 







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One powerful Word

3 hourglass cycles ago · The power in The Word ” Referendum” is massive, so massive its Huge that I think that many folks do not understand the magnitude of this word. Massive because w…

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One powerful Word

3 hourglass cycles ago
The power in The Word ” Referendum” is massive, so massive its Huge that I think that many folks do not understand the magnitude of this word. Massive because we live in a democracy albeit a fading Democracy.
Fading because it no longer “safely serves” the wealthy, the powerful politicians, the top 3% as it once did. This a broken Machine, the Killing floor where The cows and calfs alike get a bolt to the head and the Bull is put out to stud. terrorising all who come near.
Greed rules, Ignorance has a foothold in every street all under the guise of a “Democratic society”.
Yet still hanging on to life even though democracy seems to be in its death throws. we are not many Countries, we are not ISIS, We are not Torquemada, we have freedoms and with freedoms, you are allowed to gain Knowledge, to self-improve! But we are breaking.

But with an understanding of the meaning of this one word (to it’s fullest capacity) You could change the way in which we are Governed or, in which laws are passed. Instead of leaving it to a house full of self-serving, self-interested parties. (for the most part)

People are becoming smarter, more intelligent. more aware. Educated people, They scare the establishment, the established order of things. Historical Fact; The dictator Pol Pot he executed people with glasses. why? Becuase in his eyes they looked intelligent and in his crazy thinking one day may have challenged him;
“knuckle draggers welcome”
Using fear and violence he could control the rest, the weak, the vulnerable. No need for Propaganda when your subjects are poor and violence is your measuring stick. “Hello U.S.A”
Okay that slur was below the Belt ” hello Poor ( usually black African American)  LOL It is all of us, not just them U.S.A People”
With Pol Pot, I think it’s safe to assume, that the Word Referendum was 100% not in his Vocabulary, like many Dictators, but the great flipside with us, the hoi polloi, people of today is Referendum, a word that is now firmly established in our vocab. And no doubt like myself and many other folks, up until a few years ago (2014. Scotland.) #sadday # bollocks did not know about this word. It’s like a mythical word, lost for thousands of years! until a decade or two ago, and still not known truly be many today, right now!.

Imagine a company, like Google, and it was not paying it’s taxes or it was found to be playing legal loopholes (Tax Havens) (“oops” “shhh” “quiet” “Shhhit it’s out in open now!”)( my litteral Sarcasm) so as to pay less, too profit more just like the Coffee houses we enjoy today,(Minimum wage Slavery) and this came to light.
( hello anybody reading this)
Then you/us the People we could have a referendum ( if we were allowed) and not one of the Imaginarium. “If we were allowed” Aye by our Overlords, Bad Robots do as you are Programmed, do not deviate. We all know we are the Sheep and sheep get Sheared once a year. And don’t forget the Farmer with his one welly trick and The farmers Son who’s hormones are off the chart, losing his hormonal overload on his Pig, Goat and like his dad finally sticking and with Dolly ) and the college kids Daring each other ” Go On Dave!” ” Let that pig Suck you off!! Becuase sheep or no sheep we are just live stock to the system
Referendums is the power in our hands “on whether or not to break the company up or Nationalize it. The politicians can collect the facts but we should decide.
Whatever the scenario may be, it doesn’t matter, as the point is, that the people could decide via a “Referendum” on what is to be done or what is not to be done in a country’s interest especially on big decisions, if as I said, we were allowed.
Or maybe! We could just start it at a local council level, having referendums on what is good and beneficial for the MANY and not the FEW.
But then again are most of us Educated enough to go vote?

Whatever your political views You can not deny that the more referendums on for example Trident? the Louder your voice would be heard ( for that is your voice)and your political voice right now (and I hate to be the bearer of bad news) is like a silent FART in a hurricane .

yours Truly
Baaahhhh Baaahh

‪#‎referendums‬ (plural) (more than one)
TEMPTED TO MAKE THIS 666 WORDS Damn just over. oink! oink!

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