Scotland its Future and why we really wear Kilts

Sottish Politics and the act of union was Voted on and ratified without the consent of the Scottish people. #fact
Even if we were to fast forward 200 years from 1707 too 1907. when The Men of Scotland may have been able to vote but the woman *The some-what more sensible of the species still would not of had a say in public, let alone under her own families roof, less even a vote! And God forbid voting on such manly affairs. ( Ye have to lol at that)
No matter how forward thinking a husband may have been at the time. Many if not all husbands would have Guffawed at such a notion, of a woman voting. “Don’t bother your sweet head lassie”

Politics (even though it is changing) is i think, still the domain of the Man. just like in every house now, and back in 1907 every man was the king over it and the woman having about as much rights as livestock.
Even though there is The maxim “A woman Knows best!”… No-one listened to them.

Imagine if Woman had been allowed to vote in 1707. Then it is safe too assume that they would’ve voted to rid Scotland of its Scottish born Nobles and sent them packing back to London and to their Bosses in Westminster,
the ruling elite.

Back then, many of Scotland’s then Peasantry would’ve remembered: The Highland clearances, The dreaded prima Nocte! and not forgetting all the blood shed in fighting between Scotland’s Kings & England’s Kings. With us the Scots, just trying to keep our name over the Door “Scotland” and so helping in keeping the dream of our total independence alive. On Many maps of the world the name Scotland is not there. Just The UK or Great Britain, remember that title? me neither!
Yes, we have a name over our door, just! and in reality that is all we really have.
A name! but, with absolutely no substance behind it. We cannot even spend Scottish Money In London!
Have you ever tried?.

In ten years Scotland 2029 could be the envy of the world. (if “us” The Scots become independent)

History has taught us, that in 1707, The Lords of Scotland (Bankrupted themselves) they then would go cap in hand, signing away our Nation. Thankfully they were astute enough to keep our own legal system. ( Probably out of their own Self-interest)               and As Napoleon said ” Men have two levers One is Fear the other is Self-interest.           But with our exit form the Family of European Nations we, may as well say Ciao to any Legal freedoms that the Old Lords of Scotland left for us.
This treaty of unions came about it seems, and happened off of the back of some real bad Investments, most notably the Panama fiasco in which The Old Lords of Scotland in seeking to make some empire sailed out (ironically to be rid of London) into the blue and began colonising. ( It is thought that English spies helped to destabilise Scottish overseas investments.
Beginning, I think, with the sugar cane trade from The Caribbean. Meanwhile in Scotland, the families of the common man did not have a clue! as they were to busy trying to eek out a living toiling in the land, with high rents, blood/stone

A few years in and low and behold disaster struck the colonies from fires to the devastation of whole sugar crops of cane, ruined from disease.
The wealth & monies that the Lords, the nobility of Scotland were using too fund this dream of a new empire was money from the extortionate rents from the people of Scotland.
So with the Lords of Scotland now having bankrupt themselves, their own nation and people (which historians think was a campaign of sabotage on behalf of the English Crown)

They, The Nobles of Scotland, financially  defeated, broke, came home and signed the treaty of union. No doubt first sending out edicts to the peasants, toilers of the land, who probably did not have a clue about Empire and sugar cane and the plans of colony in Panama. It is safe to assume that many a common person had probably never set foot on a ship! But they were soon to find out, as the edict read, their rents were now to double.

Panama!? They, the poor families of Scotland probably couldn’t even spell Panama, let alone know where it was.

If that wasn’t bad enough lets not forget the Highland clearances. Which was not to benefit the Working peasant class. No-No, No, that again was the brain child of The Scottish Nobility, and their schemes to turn a buck off the back of the poor. Which was probably a lesson learned by The English Nobility, who’d been forcing a heavy yoke upon their people. *The Toll puddle Martyrs *

Not a lot has changed in 300 years, in as such that, the wealthy still dictate to the poor and the Man still thinks for the most part, that he is king of His castle. However, both Men and the political class do having something in common? total self-interest.
*And some woman for that matter! which is one and the same thing that both are of the same mind that says “Do as I say and not as I do!”
Imagine living today and being dictated to by your husband or, your wife on what way you should vote!? Especially for a woman knowing fine well of their subjection and years of social inferiority and the blood of sons and daughters that has been spilled, so they/us could have the freedom to vote.

Scotland has always stood by England and will no doubt continue too! But The Act of union has now ran its course. it is time for us to divorce and become a future unto ourselves.
We voted to stay part of the E.U but time, and time again Westminster, more notably London has and is, a law unto itself.
The City of London is a city/state unto itself just like a principality of say Rome, or Monaco.

Never has it been more clear (if the daily news is correct) That Scotland, has different values to England.
The people of Scotland are sick of Propaganda and fear mongering and lies and useless MP.s who still think in terms of Empire and rule Britannia. All that the UKIP EDL types stand for
If Scottish labour wants to survive then it must come out of Westminster and form its own unique individual Labour party. The same is to be said of The Lib Dems.
The leaders of these parties in Scotland after speaking to them, it is clear to see that they are followers and not leaders. The last time any of them had an original and worthy idea.. (tumble weed blowing)
Many of who probably dream of knighthoods and High Tea with the Queen. “Tally HO!
I always thought that Leaders were meant to be almost visionary! Having new ideas, solving problems, taking bold steps, bettering humanity.
Instead they follow, adhering to their whips party line, a line that comes from Westminster while lining their own pockets and this is not voted on a whip is a whip for life just like a Lord, The vote is ultimately an allusion of change.
The Scottish office has a direct line to 10 Downing street. Sadly It only receives incoming calls only & cannot dial out. The only numbers it has on it is, the number 10 and 11. number 11 is the door that takes in and counts all the Gold.

If we/you think, that Our NHS is safe because it is devolved? Well, think again?
If Westminster grants power then it can surely take it away, devolved or not? Just as if it wished to! can easily strip/close down Holyrood of any and all powers.

And now there is the possibility of a looming American plan, of a cotton picking Post Brexit Britain! “OIL-OIL-OIL
A plan (one that is already under way and happening)
In which Westminster gets down on one knee beguiled by the lure of power from a nigh on and growing MAGA Fascist US of A.
Money Talks and f ye ain’t got any … Power is bought and then.. Well, we are already and, have been seeing the Then!

Imagine If you will, that most Westminster MP’s are Getting, Sorry, I mean already HAVE! gotten down on one knee to the special relationship with the USA.
You can bet your Bottom Dollar (Pun intended, as we will be selling our arses for a dollar) that Scotland, after Breixt, will be the poor, UNEDUCTAED second cousin and in no time at all, WE, the people of Scotland will be down on both of our knees.             Sucky-sucky-Love you long time! which is real difficult to say with a mouthful of Yankee Balls.
No change there then!
As we already are, especially! when begging/asking for more money by proxy from Westminster.
So it will become a double Proxy.. If there is such a thing! Washington, Westminster, =Scottish Oil.
Of course, they “London” gave the SNP more tax raising power. This in itself was a double edged sword, if ever I saw one. I can almost see Westminster, The City Of London rubbing its hands in glee at passing that power on ” watch them devour themselves”
Hopefully just giving the SNP & Holyrood  just enough rope to hang themselves on it. =enter the Neo-Cons.

Sadly, the less informed Scot, will not see it as such. They’ll just see a failure, for the simple fact they just don’t like the look of Nicola sturgeon. (imagine being that narrow minded)
I have heard people do not like Alex Salmond and i quote, Because he looks like a used car sales man. #really.
However, with a splash of hope! an end to cuts in education, this will eventually help root this narrow, bigoted and ill informed, always worsenng zeitgeists out!
But, until then! we must speak and inform the rest of The Scottish people at bus stops, queues in the supermarket, at home, everywhere!

An independent Scotland will, I think, in the future also be beneficial for England.
But as usual, many in power are too blind to see this possibity.
Making them as ignorant as the ones who voted them in and, who think activism is singing rule Britannia and shouting Paki’s go home and while dawning Yellow HI-FIZ vests to make out that they’re the common man.
Aye…They’re common….

Common as muck

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Virgin Birth? Blame the Greeks lol

With only the Bible to go on, what do we know about the Disciples of Christ?

We know that there mission was to take the teachings of Jesus and the Jewish Understanding, that there were not many Gods, But One God, and one God alone and to take this understanding along with His New Gospel/teaching to the Gentiles. So as  to Include the Gentiles into a non-inclusive Religion aka The Jewish Faith this was a big no-no, as God and Gods covenant was only for the Jewish people. And still, to this day this is one of the reasons that many Jew’s still see themselves as the chosen people.”God ain’t for sharing” ME, ME ME.

So Jesus preaching to foreigners, outsiders, basically, to all non-Jews and, by doing this he was challenging thousands of years of Religious practice, Shaking the very foundations of his own Hebrew heritage and Culture by changing and making the Hebrew Religion, to be one of all-inclusivity.

In slightly more modern times, this would be like when Bruce Lee started teaching in the West, and more specifically to non-Chinese as It was forbidden. For Jesus, This is one of the reasons many of his own People especially the Church elders of the day and the established order hated him and they tried many times to arrest him and kill him for blasphemy. (The ESTABLISHMENT won… So they thought!

In the Bible (The Governmental rough guide) there are occasions when the Priests of the day challenge him by quoting scripture at him, thinking that they have finally caught him and can now have him arrested!  He, Jesus, Quotes a passage out of the Torah, which refutes any charge they are throwing at him. He then turns it around and Questions them, asking: since they’re the priests of the temple? How well they do not know their own Scriptures! And these Men! Are the High Priests who teach and are meant to guide the people, no wonder the people are lost! As they prefer the finery of their robes and the status that is given to them through the office and title that they hold.

So to the main point! The Disciples! (well, one in particular) They were charged with going out into the world and preaching the resurrection, the keys to eternal life, and the perfection of the human condition! The Re-entering into spiritual union with God through the divine Spirit which some Eastern Religions call   “The Divine Breath”

Famously we know that Peter went to Rome. What the Bible “NIV” does not mention is, that Thomas went over to India (where still to this day you can visit his Tomb) where as far as I know he, Thomas is highly revered in the town within the Christian community where he was laid to rest.

One of the Disciples went to Greece (possibly Mark) and within the pantheon of Gods that the Greeks had, with Zeus as the God of all the Gods, they had stories, that many of us know today, through movies, and myths of half-man Gods Like Hercules, who came into being when Zeus, known for taking various forms would sleep with, in this case, a Queen, and produce a half-divine child, Which then, got me to thinking about the Virgin Birth. And what better way for the Greek people, to hear and to take note and listen and to receive the story of the son of a carpenter becoming a Divine being.

The Greeks, who’s very culture was one of growing up on a staple of their Heroes and also their Gods coming down and sleeping with their Maidens.  And for a wannabe King it was almost a passage of rite to say that his mother was taken By Zeus on the night of his conception.  Most Greek Gods have earthly children, with many a King or Queen or the Great warriors of old claiming this Divine heritage after winning a great battle. So, as to solidify their place in History also imbuing them at times with a Divine, supernatural gift or power.  The Power Jesus would have had, which would’ve been preached, would have been one of Healing and that of a Great teacher. And a teaching: via the new Gospel on how to enter into Paradise. The colourful language would have been used, which, would help to spread the word of the new Gospel, The New Testament, plus inviting non-Jews into the faith which would later become Christianity. Sadly the metaphor of the virgin birth would become a literal truth. This is because many who were preached to did not understand vast amounts of words many could not read nor write as they were the poor. And the rich (except very few) did not care, as like it is today they were either too busy or already saw themselves as blessed or paid the temple there “spiritual tax” in the thinking that that was enough! Ergo, their place in Paradise was 100% confirmed. So my thinking is, that on preaching to the Greeks about Jesus much was lost in translation.

In one of the Gnostic texts, the writer states:  That if you already believe in The Virgin Birth of Jesus then you are following and believing in false teaching.

The Virgin Birth was, in nutshell, about being re-born, becoming a new Person and most importantly having the Holy Spirit, The breath of God within you, embarking upon the path in its truest form of Spirituality. Submission to God and joining the yin & yang together, knowing the lower Primate self, the chattering monkey who runs away with all the bananas and all he can get his hands on and learning about your higher self, the one who listens and learns who gives instead of taking, the one who thinks of others and not just about themselves, the one who waits for a pause in the conversation and as Rumi states “The one who raises their words instead of raising their voices”.

I recommend the Book by OSHO Called “The Mustard Seed”  the 1st edition I read also had this wrote onto the cover “ The revolutionary teachings of Jesus  the Mystic” ( with commentaries on the Gospel of Thomas) That Is, if you really would like to know about Jesus, the Man, and what he taught to his Disciples in Secret,

It also stated on the front page when it was found in 1945 and eventually translated

“Whosever so finds the explanation of these words, shall not taste death.

Bon Voyage!  & Soar Alba say the Brave

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Petition for 2nd Scottish Independence Referendum


If your Scottish, or live in Scotland, please check out this link to the pettition page & sign if you so wish!

Stay Funky!

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A stream or two of consciouness

I am forty-four, and I have not hugged my Mum since I was fifteen. This morning I woke up and during my first cup of coffee, I remembered my Granddad telling me how is Mother used to slip him a few pennies or a shilling, secreting the handover so his Dad did not see the transaction. He, my Granddad, laughed while telling me, saying that his Dad knew all along, watching from his bed he saw all courtesy of the mirror hanging in their living room. Back in those days Pre WW2, many families shared one room, one living space.  If, you were lucky you shared two rooms. I would class my great-grandparents, from my mum’s side as the lower middle class of the Working class.

There is no doubt in my mind that they were good parents. Many kids, my granddad would tell me, were given a piece of bread a jam for dinner, and spousal abuse was not uncommon, sadly much like today! The difference is that today we have solutions and an awareness of these plagues of the soul.  We also have a near abundance of charities to help identify and combat these primal ills.   The problem is that the money needed is not forthcoming; the irony is that there are vast sums of money in the pockets of wealthy individuals some of who, I have no doubt only give to charity 1- because the government gives them tax breaks for charitable donations. 2- Because they are then invited to charitable foundations, where they are wined and dined and seen in the eyes of others a being philanthropic and altruistic with the plus of a possible appearance in a celebrity magazine. 3- It helps pay off any guilt they may have.  I am reminded of the poor woman who calls out to Jesus, and presses the little money she has into his hand, refusing to take it back Jesus then calls out and says: “look “this woman who has nothing is willing to give all she has! How great her reward shall be in heaven!” Metaphorically & literally there is as with all that Jesus said lessons to be learned.

One of the many and great Errors of the Church, or truths that it has kept hidden is that Jesus when he lived, was inviting people to enter heaven, Inviting them to learn about the living resurrection. He was the great sage, Teacher, Prophet. But to the established order, he was dangerous. The rich and powerful feared him. Which begs the question, who did they serve?

When it comes to many super wealthy people I always think about (and I am being a bit unfair to the monkeys here) I think of a big monkey, who goes around the jungle gathering up as many bananas’s as he can find, and then just sits on them and, if any other monkey comes along and tries to take one? He, for lack of a better word, goes “Ape!” and scares all the monkeys away. Primal, Greed is primal. It is a base survival instinct at its most extreme.

Then, we have OUR Governments of the day and, with a few pushes of a button, you can get a list, of the top wealthiest Nations on the planet, I think the U.K is 6th.  But let’s take America for example.  The amount that they spend on their Military is… well, ridiculous, when there are so many strifes, stresses and poverty in the world.  Yet just like in many other countries, there are people just like the Poor woman that Jesus met on his way to Jerusalem.  So in my thinking, Western countries do not really have the right to call themselves Christian Nations. If they were truly Christian then the first thing they would do is set about on how to take people out of material poverty. But no, they cut educational budgets. Dish out food stamps just like food banks here, so demeaning.   Most crimes are committed because there is a lack of money. Also, People end up on drugs because that is their only escape from this harsh reality. However, there are, no doubt certain individuals that do adhere to “love thy neighbour” but on a whole, the western countries?  They do not have the right to say we are a Christian nation.   Angela Merkel, Germanys Chancellor, She did, undoubtedly did do the Christian thing, by letting the refugees come in. it could have been handled better, with a little bit more planning. But the heart sometimes speak louder than the mind or, Maybe? her government & Neighbouring ones possibly blocked all proposals, making it hard to implement an organised entry.

There is a passage in the Koran about making peace, and it is very straightforward. If I come to you as an enemy and I say, “That I wish to make peace!” Then I must accept.  Or if you see me, as an enemy, and I say “I wish for there to be peace between us!” Then it must be accepted.

The problems to our spiritual and mass material poverty are 1- in the religious books, which, many have said they have read, yes they may have read! But! Many, like the Muslims of an extreme nature, have failed to understand as, have an EDL member who stated that he has studied the Koran for the last 8 years, and he is still with EDL.  The books of the Faiths of the world have to be read throughout your life. We humans are not computers “but love your neighbour as you would love yourself” is easy to remember.  But many people are taken advantage of, seeing kindness as a weakness! So remember this, Jesus also said: “Be as cunning as a snake but as innocent as a dove”.  (I think this is quoted in a Gnostic Gospel)

For a while, I put myself out there, showing compassion and basically became a doormat and it drained me. It taught me, but it was painful. Some, glad to say few friends were like enemies, complete Soul suckers, Vampires. We’ve all met people like this. They too are in pain. But only when you’re in a position of strength can you handle it. Meditation is key, something I was lacking in, & still am! But it is on my new self-Disciplines list.

One thing I have also discovered is that it is easier to love others before ourselves. This it seems is hard-wired into us. And it is a beautiful part of our nature, but we must be kind to ourselves foremost before we can truly devote time into pulling others up and out of the gutter of emotional pain and stress.

Governments can aid in this by implementing a basic income. Ahhh! Already, I hear the cries “you don’t get something for nothing!” Funny! As did you not get your life for nothing out of something?

A great Islamic mystic was asked about paradise, He said Friend that reality you speak of is as close to you, as the hair is on your camel’s nose.

“God Exists”  As does the Earthly resurrection that enables us to re-enter into true spiritual being and eternity.

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The Opioid Crisis


The Opioid Crisis

Donald Trump has recently stated that in America there is an Opioid Crisis. So begs the question what will Donald do?

There is not just an opioid crisis but a drug and alcohol problem throughout the World. In fact, I myself am going through a relapse as I write this

There are many facets to the “War on Drugs” and yet, irony of ironies there are simple solutions.  I think and to give you a problem-solving hint it was an American Philosopher That said

“It is easier to raise a healthy child than to repair a broken man”

“Money-money” that paper stuff that enables choices, that enables funding for this and that. I am sure I could quote another person who has said there always seems to be enough money for wars.  I have heard people saying the world is overpopulated? Personally, I do not think so. I think as many do, that there is too much monetary wealth concentrated in the hands of the few. And if I had a Bank account that was in the millions not even billions then I would be out helping to address the issues of this cesspool, survival of the fittest, to the victor, go the spoils claptrap.

As much as humanity is a beautiful thing floating through the cosmos on a journey somewhere a final destination to be sought or a spiritually cosmic equation to be taught and gained. For was it not a wise man that once said:

“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich Man to enter Paradise.

Let me explain one of the problems we have here at least in the UK. Let us take a person and make him/her Homeless. Let us say this person is working and earning the minimum or above. Then offer them a place in a Homeless unit. The rent they would have to then pay to stay there (That the government pays if you are unemployed) if they were on a low or above average wage? In truth, they would not be able to afford the rent unless they were in a position to Possibly Max out their credit cards. Not only is that crazy but check this! The buildings used to shelter the homeless are for the most part, as far as I am aware! Are, in the hands of Private Citizens

This is a classic example of making money out of misfortune and misery. The Greed of people, the indifference is staggering unless you live in a bubble of champagne.  And if that be the case and ye live in a champagne flute then! Who cares yer Drunk and either having a hoot or drowning yer sorrows.

And staying on booze and to quote a man who gained enlightenment at 30

“I took my stand in the midst of the world and found everyone drunk and none were athirst!”

Have you seen The Jackie Chan and Jet Li Movie “The Forbidden Kingdom?”  In it, Jackie Pours tea into a cup and keeps on pouring till the cup is overflowing. The young Novice (Traveller) says “whoa” what are you doing??


Jackie Chan says you are like the cup, full of opinions, doubts etc. (I am paraphrasing) but as you may know he is saying empty your cup become grounded in what you know and let go of all your Mental Kung Fu and learn it in actuality. Empty and meditate, become aware. As Shakespeare said

Know yourself

I wish to share now two future projections two future possibilities the first one is in your face unless you are slipping down a champagne glass like you are sliding down a Helter Skelter.  See the world as is, today. Now project what you think the world will be like in 10 to 20 years? #savage Welcome to the Thunder dome and the World of Mad Max. One third or one-fourth of the world is already knocking on that Door.

Now the second possible projection and I am basing this again on what I have seen and what I know to be true. It starts with a man who in the mid 90’s ended up Prison in his early twenties. At this time within the Scottish Prison system a prisoner did not have to pay for stamps so he/they could write umpteen letters a week and many prisoners did. Flash forward 13 years ( a generation ) The same person end up in prison again (via underhand policing and political tactics) Low and behold the Prisoner now finds that he must buy stamps and the free mailing system has been done away with.  So after a while during the man’s 3 years sentence he discovers that unlike 13 years prior where 9/10 prisoners were literate, prisoners were sadly unable to read and write. And the education block in the Prison was understaffed underfunded. with many inmates struggling to spell the word “Rehabilitation”

So let us, taking the funded dumbing down of people with the caveat of adding in the education system worldwide especially in what we coin with disgust 3rd world countries and if you be of #Spiritual nature The 2nd projection imagine The #apocalypse which if you are educated in these things would know that apocalypse means revelation. Meaning that something is to yet be revealed. Now imagine the cup “The Grail” is knowledge, a cosmic equation as some do think it is. And we know that knowledge comes through books along with experience. Now imagine this final Revelation is in written … but wait, we have possibly millions maybe billions who cannot read.

Well done the left wing well done the right. Well done the war mongers and them who will not relinquish power. Well done those who syphon off and steal the aid from other countries and well done those who argue against and veto the welfare of People for their own benefit. Well done to those “who are “just following orders?”

If had money, then I could afford to go to a rehab today. If I had a job and was made homeless but received a special rate then I could keep my job while waiting to be housed.

In regard to the drug crisis in this country and in others (of which some countries may have already implemented), there should be an open door policy. No Bureaucracy. It should be as simple as I have a problem “help me”

It is also about time the drugs were taken out of the hands of the dealers who dominate single mothers and hold power over families. It is about time we emptied our cups and educated one another.


Ellon Musk is right, the pitchforks are being sharpened as we live and breathe.  The world of Mad Max is here and possibly coming to a Town near you! Who would you rather be The Joker or The Batman?

And so to all you Christians and Muslims, Hindus, Buddhist’s and Sikhs and atheists to all the agnostics out there When Jesus spoke about Bread “Give us this day our daily bread” he Jesus used the word bread as a metaphor for KNOWLEDGE.

I will finish in this. Donald Trump is proud to be a Christian! Well,  Does it not say to Love thy Neighbour. Stay well. Cheers.

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Water Bombs & Invisible Cuffs


Shackled and Enslaved: Shackled in a country where bombs are being dropped and day to day, enslaved in~1~ what you can do and cannot do or, have to do in regards to 2~ the collecting of fresh water. ~3~the availability of fresh water. ~4~of safely being able to go out and find/retrieve just plain old Drinking water. Something most take for granted. The turning a tap and filling up a glass of cold & cool fresh water.

Shackled in a country where bombs are being dropped and day to day, enslaved in~1~ what you can do and cannot do or, have to do in regards to 2~ the collecting of fresh water. ~3~the availability of fresh water. ~4~of safely being able to go out and find/retrieve just plain old Drinking water. Something most take for granted. The turning a tap and filling up a glass of cold & cool fresh water.

And ~5~Miracles of miracles we have a second TAP which if you wash your dishes or Bathe regularly you will know that from this almost magical tap, hot water does flow. which sadly is, as long as you can afford to pay your gas bills and can afford to repair or renew your boiler when it goes on the blink. That’s why I wrote “almost” magical.

Let us all take a moment to thank J.P Morgan for stealing
Mr N.Tesla’s wanting to give electric to everyone for free and thank him for cheating him and charging us.

why is it called “going on the BLINK!”. Well if your skint and your boiler is Kaput! when you get the bill through you will be blinking trying to hold back the tears, especially if t is near Xmas time. Or maybe, you have got a big night out and you’re just super vain and it’s ruined you getting ready as you blink back the tears. although to be fair it would be shit if your boiler went kaput the morning of your wedding Day.

But the chance of bombs’ dropping and your whole family getting wiped out in Scotland, on your wedding day. well, you have probably got more of a chance of winning the euro millions, 4 weeks on the trot! (regardless of recent shitty events)

So if you remember or even read this quasi-blog, spare a thought. Next time you turn the tap on and have a glass of sweet cool Scottish water. (which no doubt will be privatized. if it is not already half~way there.and recognize how lucky we are.

P.s if you be of cunt material and want to make a buck then buy shares in Nestle, as they been and are trying to buy up lakes.They Nestle’ would probably put a bid in for the sea of Galilee but that baby has been drying up with 90% going to the Israeli settlers and 10% with rusty maintenance going to the Palestinian folks.

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Individualism is Brown Bread. “Yer broon breed, yer Deed!!”

A wee page of virtual friends with some non-virtual friends. come join the crewSource: Individualism is Brown Bread. “Yer broon breed, yer Deed!!”

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Individualism is Brown Bread. “Yer broon breed, yer Deed!!”

“Individualism” we, or! Should I say you? Or more aptly “I am” as all are, individualistically living in the midst of it. For some, it is a Happy Utopia, until they turn on the news & quickly change the channel. For others (Many) it is a DISTOPIA.

Welcome to WEST WORLD

We, in the West and in the ever growing, expanding Matrix of Corporate domination, aka World rule, are so caught up with how we look, how we are seen, perceived. That a question arises are we slightly obsessed, so much so, that we will not leave the house until something resembling Adonis or Dionysus is achieved through a mist of hairspray and an intoxicating haze of seductive perfume is looking back at you from your bathroom mirror. So in some instances, you could say; that our confidence is bought out of a bottle.

Then sadly there is the almost opposite of this sassy utopian individualism, medically known as Agoraphobia which, (loosely) some may know as the fear of going outside. But wait! There is a cure-all for this, this, utopian condition, like a fast-food psychological drive thru. A side effect of low self-esteem, with a side of depression and a topping of severe anxiety, Many could debate that our individual conditions are a way of conditioning the less fortunate or the more sensitive to fear the Matrix, the Corporate monster that is the true Face of Fascism helped along by the less educated or the psychotic intellectual   and help divide people with T.V Shows  such as Benefit cheats and scroungers  or Body and lifestyle demigod-Dery , 24 hour reality wealth and the  zang to that zing is rolling 24 hours news “ Don’t’ Panic” your individual integrations are provided by medical corporations and come in a box called “Xanax” in fact the top 3 drugs/antidepressants as found in the journal, “The Lancet” (Or as I have just now nicknamed it “The Zappit”) is Zoloft, Prozac and Lexapro which come in first place (Yay!! Gold medal)  for a combination of effectiveness and mercy of mercies fewer side effects. In some, okay, many instances you could say; that our confidence or compliance is bought out of a bottle. or for the less agoraphobic the feel good factor is slipped off a clothes hanger from one of the many declining “boom and bust (Tax Fraud) high street clothes Boutiques’ and if you can afford it, your individualism is boosted by a beautiful beautician at a beauty parlour, a little relaxation, massaged shoulders, manicured hands, pedicured feet, massaged at the hips and if fortunate enough tweaked at the nips. And later on, given an even bigger chemical boost, this time in a shot glass slid expertly along a bar top as though slung by a bar tender from the Wild West. That is a snorting, neo-pill popping Wild West.

On a more holistic level, we boost our individual confidence from working out on a treadmill. Which is fine, great in-fact, nothing wrong in looking good and be being healthy, nothing wrong in getting tipsy or being a happy drunk. Drugs, Cocaine, like alcohol do not always agree with everyone. The difference, to which there are few is, for example, “The aggressive drunk versus the Cocaine asshole” and Last, but by far the least of the many problems that sprout like weeds from a once scented banqueted field of flowers to a now over grown, unkempt garden, charcoaled green poison ivy power of addiction and Assholery.

But is there a hidden cost, which, dependant on where you bought the clothes from or, the Massage Parlour, where if so inclined, you received your “happy ending” or in truth, if you have ever visited a legit Thai Masseuse and you have actually experienced, received a true and proper Thai Massage, Then Ejaculation is, from a more or less flaccid, relaxed penis guaranteed, depending on how well trained the Masseuse is. And I am fortunately speaking from a place of experience in having this Authentic, original and traditional Thai massage experience. My Masseuse was a Lady of at least 60 and she threw me about like Dwayne Johnson when he was known as “The Rock”.  The only difference being is that, as fit and as Handsome as Mr Johnson is, he, unlike the ageing grandmother who, when I was in my mid-twenties has never made me Orgasm! (Sorry Dude)

Speaking of The Rock, our modern Adonis, pumping Iron, or, as I sometimes like to Joke, “Pumping Gym” (known as James to his friends) We are stretching, striving and reaching out in the pursuit of perfection of the body beautiful. This pursuing, of the crease free six pack, can become your all, “you are everything” Sadly, maybe to the point of steroid use. With (like many may know) artificial boosters do and can to varying degrees, impair your emotional/mental state, your physical capabilities also, like if driving drunk? Your mind is in Formula one mode “The Senna effect” but in reality, your body is as rigid a jelly fish. But your individual mind is telling you “Your invincible”  or like  running a marathon after shooting up cocaine would be, one could imagine a case of “Run Forest Run” and you would keep on running and thinking how awesome you are, you are No1, while in reality, the race finished hours ago, but your still running, as maybe!! There is a medal? or a record to be broken? That in your individually, chemically challenged state you have never even heard of (but you’ll make one up) and carry on, thinking how awesome all the people watching must think you are! While in reality all the spectators are at home having dinner. Yet, right enough, they are watching you, but on T.V. Courtesy of the local news Helicopter, possibly dubbing you “the long distance runner,” and if you are lucky “Gump” but I would imagine something less flattering.

So what am I trying to convey to you here? Snorting Coke turns some folks into dicks and in turn, dicks, penises look for hookers. Or there is nothing such as “true individualism” but that depends on what I mean by true?

Of course, we are all individual beings. But if we were truly individual then, either the corporate markets, fashion houses or any micro or macro institution would never be able to pigeon hole us. There would be no such thing as stereotypes, because we, firstly, would be all alike or, secondly! We would be all different and for ever growing and changing much like the creation of a star or a Tree in an almost constant state of flux a metamorphosis.from seed to sapling to root and branch to swaying in the breeze,

In my opinion, both points mentioned above are true but in where some stick to one Brand, saving up their Loyalty points and on the other hand the individuals who change their Hairstyle not every season as the fashion houses dictate but every week.  In so many ways we have our Parents, Grandparents, our ancestors, to thank for not just fighting many, many wars. Oops!  Did I just write “just” for fighting wars” (how weak of me) Thank God they did.

But to our predecessors of this once glorious Garden of which we are the inheritors of which individually, collectively we are not there. Even the Madmen of  50’s New York who Bill Hicks liked to call and it is so apt more now than ever now the modern Ad-Men “ Satan’s Spawn”  for individually creating something, a trend, a change in fashion, a law. Of which one springs to mind, so three cheers to William Wilberforce an individual who fought and brought together a collective thought.

In Carl Jung’s  of his terminology, a collective un/consciousness to a degree but, more a collective goal, the empathy of Wilberforce through individual understanding wisdom and knowledge.

All men/persons of enlightened understandings, who acknowledge the moral government of God, must also acknowledge, that vice must offend and virtue delight him. In short, they must, more or less, assent to the Scripture declaration, “without holiness no man shall see the Lord.” (W.W)

Jesus, the Buddha, Mohammed and Krishna if alive then would have washed his feet.

And if alive today would be hopped up on my favourite short term dose 10mg of Diazepam.

Or training the mind, meditation, and seeking knowledge.  

We have been pigeon holed /divided so much that it is time to let the Doves fly free. And once again become the gardeners the gate keepers and instructors of this world, INDIVIDUALLY. 

if you wish to conquer something, try conquering yourself first and last. become like a mustard seed. you are a masterpiece in waiting.

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What Does “My only Begotten Son” Mean?

Within Islam and Christianity, there are some major bones of contention, points of conflict. And even within the different branches of Christianity, there are differing points of view.  which, in its own way is saying “our understanding is true and yours is flawed.”

And one of the major misunderstandings is “ This is my only Begotten Son”.  And on a personal level, I had my own understanding of what this meant. But in truth, I did not know what it meant. All I had done (With my superior intellect) LOL. was thought that I knew what it meant. which in truth was naive. And this misunderstanding in the hands of say, a zealot is slightly more dangerous as it was ignorant of me and that ignorance is deadly, as we see on our flat screen T.V’S the world over. And the Trumps and that right-wing political Ilk would and do bomb just as ISIS kill. Instead of saying “hey I am going to study the different religions of God. but no! Aint’ much money in reading books and educating people. Because then they might wake up to the many harmonies that exist and the Big fat truth that if ye ain’t in the Big rich man’s club? as the late George Carlin said: “Then your F**ked”    

So today,  after reading posts, and comments on a Facebook Page called The Deen Show, which is run by followers of a branch of Islam who are called Sunnis. I then decided to Google what The Word Begotten actually means? It turns out to be quite interesting, not merely for the fact that it has been hijacked to fit in or to suit or justify an individual  belief system or a whole Churches ethos/belief or to keep two main Religions warring, claiming superiority over each other our way is the best  and no matter the religious narrative? they seem to forget, about Love, understanding and above all, compassion.

There are many Bones of religious contention especially between the less educated and paradoxically between the power houses of certain Governments and religious institutions. ” The alleged educated leaders”

 So, we are told that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son So “Begotten?” Can mean I have “produced” this man for you.                                              

 For example:”Engender” comes from the Latin verb generate, which means “to generate” or “to beget.” So a more succinct and probable translation of this famous quote would be I, God, have generated this Man, in this case, Jesus. I have taught him, Just as no person is born wise but through experiences and life lessons becomes wise. (hopefully)  Another synonym of Begotten is “Effect” So The Lord God, through the Holy Spirit has laid The God Effect upon him and thus he Jesus becomes a prophet and Teacher to Mankind. Just as God was the shepherd/teacher to Jesus. Jesus then over time becomes one of the Prophets /shepherds to Humanity.  A son of man.

like many prophets before him including Hercules was called/named a Son of Man in laymen terms “Sons to Humanity” Holy Teachers.  and if you know anything out with the Hollywood take on and about Hercules is that he Hercules was called far and wide to solve disputes from villages to towns to cities. As he was known as a just man, a man of truth. as the Bible states in Genisis “Men of Renown   And His legendary, mythical battles were no doubt the battles with his inner-self one of his trials was killing or capturing the three-headed dog. This dog was the Greek Cerberus that accompanied the God of the underworld  Hades. (kai me ton kuna)?   But, if memory serves from reading either Plato or Marcus Aurelius, he Hercules was too good at calling out the crooked the wicked and out witting the cunning cruelty of men. So much so he became a threat to the established order. Labors of Heracles he was eventually jumped upon and burned alive. No doubt before the ordinary people started to call out and shout and demand that he should become king of the land  But looking past and through the myth, and seeing them as Parables for the inner person Then as the Bible quaintly puts it “Men of Renown” he was already a king, a sage an Enlightened one, and Therefore a king within himself. 

Look at what we know from modern history J.F.K or Gandhi or Martin Luther King to John Lennon. The powerful politic and the elite of society as we know! for the overwhelming, most part, do not much care for the spread of truth and compassion unless they are to be seen at a ball for a charity, where they shake the hand of the revolutionary peace maker, the striver of equality. but behind closed doors plot their Destruction and demise. And as for us the PLEBS they keep us entertained and divided by The vision that tells and sells you a vision. 

So the word begotten?” with some knowledge in my opinion, and with the help of the Oracle that is “Goofle” but usually google can be summed up like this!.

 I God, have fathered (Begotten) (sired) (generated )this man in the ways of the Good, truthfulness and righteousness. I have taught him, My hand is upon the earth and my guiding hand is in him. And if you know anything about Jesus, he prayed night after night, possibly for weeks or months.  raising his hands to the heavens calling upon God to come, for his people the Jews were suffering (little did he know that his calling/ministry would be to call out to the gentiles/pagans/us of which many Jews did not like at all) and on the last night, the night he had decided, was going to be him calling this the last night, before giving up on calling upon the Lord, and as the story goes on the last night as he got up from his meditations and supplications, ready to walk away, God Answered. The Temple Door rolled opened.

 Not unlike the story of the Buddha, who decided too, after many years of walking the land as a peasant, strugling and nealry dying due to malnutrition from a period of constant fasting. For he was born a prince who would one-day become King to his fathers kingdom. But as the story goes, one day during his searching and wanderings he remembered that, as a child he would sit at the foot of a tree in the Palace gardens, and he remembered whilst sitting a feeling of calmness, tranquilty and possibly a sense of timelessness while listing to the birds and nature working all around him. And so on remembering this after his many, many years of wandering in his pursuit to understand why there is suffering in the World he decided then to sit under the now famous the Bodhi Tree until an answer to what he was seeking, was found!. Which we now know  “The enlightenment” The Golden circle. and later, whilst walking among the society of his time clothed in chaos and the suffering of the people he was endowed with the noble truths.

So the question he was seeking of why there is so much suffering, was answered and if we but truly understood it. The Karma and Then the Dharma.

 ( In a nut shell ) Or as Jesus said: in a Mustard Seed the smallest of all seeds The Kingdom of Heaven is to Sowed Reaped and Found.

The religions of the World are like a tapestry a tapestry that has been woven throughout the ages, with the Earth whispering to the nations some gone and some still are but the whispering winds remain, North East, West, South. where will my soul find some rest? and with the final few strands to be woven by us with the click of a button and an open heart and open mind So to complete the Great work, the divine and sacred tapestry. A work that is ultimately up to you to educate yourself, and listen out for those who speak the truth! for The truth rings out from within you. sometimes it can burn from within.which is the lesson. It may be a bit a loud, so at first, you may not hear it! but you will feel it. it may hit you negatively at first then positively and, with a bit of math 1+1=2 you can seek and find the balance within you.

The heart weighed against the feather, the Duality, the many faces we approach the daily workings and workshop of the world so we can conform to it whilst not ever knowing or realising we have within us a true face. much like a smile but more. The highest attainment of Zen Buddism is seeing, finding and then living with your true face. The face of the seeker who has found and begins or ends his or her journey with their true face. As #Osho states ” the eyes of the seeker remain the same!”

As #Osho states ” the eyes of the seeker remain the same!” lol paraphrasing a master an enlightened one, never really a sensible thing to do. oops my bad lol

 I will leave you with a picture of someone washing feet but, it is not Mary washing The feet of Jesus. Read the many books and weave yourself your own prayer mat and maybe one day! we will all take flight on our own undogmatic magik Carpets and find the universe under our hip hop caps and see the Guru in all people, as a Hindu sage once proclaimed while upon a battlefield treating a wounded enemy.  to which his commanding officer said nothing and let him continue. but it was the small-minded soldier who brought it to the commanding officer’s attention. out of a possibility that he lacked in understanding! but the story tells he for sure lacked compasson.




God creates the Towers of Babel, not Men. but by God how many folks just babble what they have heard and not what they KNOW.







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Open to more than one interpretation; not having one obvious meaning.


(Excerpt line from Imam Interview in the Guardian)

“It was foreign to my ears.”

They commissioned original research and discovered that some brands, like Chloé, had never used a non-white model and others like YSL, Versace, Gucci, Donna Karan and Calvin Klein hadn’t for years. “It sends a message that our girls are not beautiful enough,”

(Currently, as I scribble, aka type)

A T.V show is playing in the background.  A Priest is doing/ going through the motions of the sacrament or whatever it is called.

And an answer dawned upon me as the Preist/actor spoke: “This is my Blood”

as the cup of wine was passed from disciple to disciple.

Firstly by passing the wine ( “My Blood” a metaphor for his holy harmonious state of living or you could say enlightened way ) he, Jesus, is saying that we are all one. My Blood is exactly the same as yours.

 (No difference between Jew and Gentile ) (nor Muslim)  

That delicate and sacred cup, of wine, of meaning. The lesson of sharing no matter your religion,  slave or prostitute no matter what, you have to give or share! if you can then you can no pressure and if you have nothing then someone will share with you.  

The Chalice of wine, a metaphor no doubt understood by Christendom’s open minded faithful.  I myself am just a layman, a person seeking humanities theological unifying truths. I have watched people being converted or joining a religion on something as coincidental as looking for an answer and on turning a page whether it be the Bible or The Quran an answer has presented itself, and, that is them, hook, line and sinker. And they then become one of the faithful of said religion.  however, this usually can lead to the mind becoming closed, off to any other spiritual input which is counter-productive to the essence of religion. is not seeking knowledge key to spiritual growth and understanding. especially if a jew wishes to discuss with a Christian or a Muslim.  There is and has been always the two or three major sticking points between Islam and Christianity. Completely forgetting one of the most beautiful words ever spoken by a human being  “Love thy Neighbour”

in fact, after the emergence of Islam and today, as the religious war that  quietly rages across our T.V screens, we can, if we so choose to turn the volume down or, watch the news unfold, disaster upon disaster which after 6 months of watching  natural disasters, floods, famines, disease or the unnatural barbaric actions of Man  will have you going to see your Doctor because you are depressed. reminiscent of The horrors of Torquemada who also declared the “Glory of God” after burning a woman at the stake  who was dammed as soon as her neighbour accused her of witchcraft which was either a jealous wife, or she was pregnant, and the Man (obviously pious  #sarcasm) but in truth, probably raped her. (no street lights in the villages of Dark Age Europe) The man (rapist) a local man of standing Declared to the congregation “That he did not have sexual relations with that woman” and so it must be the devil who she has been fornicating with. 

 (enter stage left) The mob mentality ” Burn her Burn her BURN HER!!”

I wonder! as Yasser Arafat’s Life lay ebbing away did he wish that his coffin would not be paraded through the towns. As just as the Palestinians cause is!. And it is truly justified. But it will only be resolved through understanding,

I come bearing an olive branch in one hand, and the freedom fighter’s gun in the other. Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand.                                                                                              2000 years ago Jesus said: ” Violence begets violence”                                                            and whoever lives by the sword will die by the sword”

Many folks, who I like (well i don’t like to) to pigeon hole and name “the comfortably numb” People, people I personally know and have a great love and admiration for many of them and at times I miss them (one day I hope to get most, if not all of them together for a weekend of Wine, food and cheer. I like the life they have worked for and carved out for themselves and under different circumstances, it is a life I could and would slip into with ease. as I have done with their friendship over the years.       I have tasted this lifestyle, several tastes, throughout a decade or two.  Yet, the intervening twists and turns of fates hand,  and at times letting the North wind and its kin direct me. It seems a bachelor I am possibly (Even though I have a dream, of marrying underneath 100 cherry blossom trees) a bachelor it seems I am destined to be. But as for my friends (who on reading this I wonder if they know who they are?) of working/middle class, they do not want to rock the boat, they want a nice, good, family life, especially if, they between them earn 35 to 50 Grand a year

But this metaphorical boat is not a Yacht captained by the individual family unit. It is a boat that, the whole of humanity is sailing upon.( President to Peasant ) which is a part illusion. in reality, your house is a cabin on this, the ship of life, you may just happen to have a port side view or, depending on the material wealth you may have a top deck suite polo lounge and V.I.P Disco Cocktail Bar.


Once a person is indoctrinated into a religion it becomes almost impossible for them to even look at other religions and in some cases even question certain practices or have an open debate on meaning, metaphors. I have heard many people when speaking about God or religion they always seem to speak in the possessive “my church” my God”  the selfish gene

Secondly:  “The Selfish Gene”  (Richard Dawkins) need not be for, if we share what we have, from the poorest to the richest of humanity then everyone will have and, no one will be in need nor in poverty.

The selfish gene is, depending on context (modern day trait of greed under the pretence of survival or survival itself) it is an instinct for more at the expense of others or just an opportunity at the expense of others further down the FOOD CHAIN?

Whether meant or not, the “selfish gene” Stems from our prehistoric ancestors’ disposition in them helping their families’ to survive during hard winters and times of famine.  (I suppose you could link it to the Fight or flight response) to have!! Or have not?

“There is no room in the Inn.”

It is in my opinion (never having read Mr Dawkins Book) more a survival mechanism than a selfish gene.(maybe he goes on to say this)  But in these days, some live extremely well and too many just survive.  It is very well named “The Selfish Gene”.


“Money Talks and bullshit, fishes for food, out of an Ironclad skip.  A rusty dystopian Fish Tank for blind fish and below average alienated human Beings.  Why below average? Because the selfish gene is stronger in others .i.e. (Some if not many do not give **** (Comfortably Numb)

The AMBIGUIOS white house Cheque. (Redacted)

“Hey!! You! you in the corner, with the big belly, General of many stars, if you need more cash!”   Just ask! discovered this froggy word, something like erm!?“ carte’ Blanchet” and, Mr General,  I can give you one.

“My God, my Daddy would be proud of me”. El Presidente Trump thought to himself.  He dares not say this out –loud, even though he wanted to dance naked and shout it from the top of Trump Towers. He was way too wary after the recent false news wiretapping, bugging shenanigans.

Seriously- joking aside.

There is abundance that grows upon the face of our Mother Earth.  Yet the keys  (if ye wish to seek them out) to nature’s larder will be found, jangling and hanging like a carrot on the stick like the jailer’s keys, the keys used to lock us poor asses down. The keys to the material kingdom clasped in Diamond Gucci bracelets by the people who need not visas nor any passport control when landing their Lear jets on privatised runways on, what we are told is foreign soil. But what is Natures true larder? It is for sure not poverty and its opposite number. It is something higher than us. In this vast cosmos do you not think that it “this cosmic phenomenon” has a voice?  And perhaps, occasionally this cosmic force endows a human with a cosmic carte blanche a cosmic passport of sorts.

    “A passport of truth”


Now, LOL  “Diplomatic Passports!” I do sarcastically lol. For IN the fine print it must read: Diplomatic terms and conditions: slave trading, Arm dealing niggers, Asian and Caucasian whores.

Licence NO-666 or in the Hebrew, WWW.  Licence to corrupt

Have you ever tried to make a claim for Housing Benefit or, applied for a job?

(All done on-line.)

I am paraphrasing (Book of Revelations) but it is written that no one will be able to buy sell or trade without the Mark the number of the beast an Ambiguous, interpretation? Perhaps!




P.s if you are part of a movement for change: Beware of they of a bellicose attitude.


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