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A Poem On Just To Be..[Walk]

I catch a cloud, Far Far away, Rolling like a wave , On a Bright January Day. Three Swallows Fly by A Begining to The Grace Of Day. Autumns Last Leafs The Breaths Of Past. Long , Long Sailed Away. … Continue reading

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The first breat…

The first breath …that Kicks starts a New Born Childs Life is a wee Smack on the Bum. That then awakens the Chi, Along with the child, inhaling, and Taking in its first breath, from the Air of the World. … Continue reading

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The “Primal Instinct” of Man

When an animal is threatend it will Look like it is about to Fight or, will fight once attacked! Or it will attack first, in the Cat World  there is not just one BadAss Cat going around Starting Fights. Primal … Continue reading

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we are broken.. by th Elite..

As i think… Broken upon Myself Tired & hungry half a sanwhich in my Mouth Tales of Aladin on the T.v The breaking & healing Arabian Nights Outside The Snowy Ground, Fragile steps Crease & frown, Black Star from Smokey … Continue reading

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A tooth For A Tooth

A Tooth for A tooth is About The Energy of the Mind. Your Overburdend Negativity, and Correcting yourself!. So that you can see Clearly!

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A black Tear

 A Black Tear! As gently you come near, A black Grape as you contemplate The remenants of any Hidden Fear, So once again all is clear, and as Jesus taught You have come from the Light, And so you will … Continue reading

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Your Mind & Judgements

From an early age we learn to Judge, such things as Distances, Hot & cold and on this Premis, understanding we make choices? The older we become, the More things we get to know and can Judge wether it is … Continue reading

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A Poem Of Bee’s an Ode to Neda Agha Soltan

A Poem Of Bee’s an Ode to Neda Agha Soltan.

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“I think!!.. therfore? W…

“I think!!.. therfore? W….

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The Blind go Shoping

The Blind go Shoping.

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