Exploring The Awakening Mind

In the beginning there is only me, I Am. I am exactly as God created, thus I rest in God. Here the sum of creation IS One. To use words to explain this place in Mind, it IS the kingdom of Heaven, God Mind. Here in Heaven, God Mind there is no thought of conflict, there is no thinking thoughts. One simply Knows One is God thought. All thought is pure and in alignment, in and of God Thought, God Mind. Here the thought, in words IS, One is God, One is all of creation. Here One experiences creation as God Creates. Here in God Mind One is unified with all the Son of God, One is the Son-Ship. By the Grace of God there is only Peace and the One Mind only creates Peace, thus extending the kingdom to all of Mind. All words and thoughts are changed and…

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About unityandequality

I have lived very Little and Lived Alot and It is less about I and all about Humanity, and Poverty, on all levels. also how to be Guilt Free, And tear Down Walls that Seperate Society. One Child Starving in The World That We Call "Home" Is One Child To Many. The Ignorance Of The Many...
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