Towns & Cities

Council – Town Cities


 On a Sunday or any given Holiday or any Given Day

Children should have free access to all sporting facilities! A further reduction on prices for cinema entertainment! This could be dependent on there good grades helpfulness

A system for a new age report card.


Encouragement, from responsible people who want to better there and help Our communities!?


Painting and cleaning up residential areas!

 On Sunday’s folks who are not working young peeps! And the skilled who are wanting change between them! To help and instruct in the fixing

 And maintain to better our Streets. Our Lives!


This way there is a meeting of people, as we are so much so insular!

And to add negative also, due to addictions of the mind & body,.

Judgemental Also!


There are even the few in the already many, who are becoming more insular and withdrawn!  WHICH

May lead to more drug dependency! If there is not already enough!


Volunteers! Cook and have your lunch and dinner out side in the summer! After the places dwell in to be flowered! Green planted! Concrete cracks filled new lights installed! To lighten darkened alleys in the winter and at night!!

Install eco friendly all the way!



We must know our streets our wee hamlets! Neighbours!  The blind, the poor the lame!

As we, are all crippled in one sense or another.


Help Heal ourselves!


About unityandequality

I have lived very Little and Lived Alot and It is less about I and all about Humanity, and Poverty, on all levels. also how to be Guilt Free, And tear Down Walls that Seperate Society. One Child Starving in The World That We Call "Home" Is One Child To Many. The Ignorance Of The Many...
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