Fore-Sight Usually Comes with Hindsight…So Here is Fore-sight

Where we come from Does not Matter Really, where we are going!? Is what really Matters…

Before Its to late.. we can all achieve on our own,  but then again some cannot, so what is the solution? Together we are united as One… And then The words below might never be said and a return to the dark ages is Avoided.. it is a fuuny Picture… but also a warnning..


About unityandequality

I have lived very Little and Lived Alot and It is less about I and all about Humanity, and Poverty, on all levels. also how to be Guilt Free, And tear Down Walls that Seperate Society. One Child Starving in The World That We Call "Home" Is One Child To Many. The Ignorance Of The Many...
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