Unity and Equality

When Jesus was Handed over to Pilot, He Pilot, Let the People Choose! As was there Custom For one Prisoner to Be released & as the story is told, the People opted for The Convicted Murderer to Be released.

As you should Know, that all Biblical Parables/stories Have more to offer than Just the Literal View, This is the great Failing of Mental Attitudes and Dogma

For example, Maybe This was Jesus Telling a story of how he was a threat to the establishment & as Most true Prophets of there day have been.  They always go against the grain No Doubt because the People have wandered far from God, & The Balance needs to be Checked or another step towards Full Understanding is given. So one day we all May be Enlightened and Live in Understanding of One Another, instead of Fear, Suspicion, Envy, Hatred.

So here is a…

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About unityandequality

I have lived very Little and Lived Alot and It is less about I and all about Humanity, and Poverty, on all levels. also how to be Guilt Free, And tear Down Walls that Seperate Society. One Child Starving in The World That We Call "Home" Is One Child To Many. The Ignorance Of The Many...
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