What, or who …


what are word for?


What, or who you going to Blame when the Devil is Called home.


There exists, a train of thought  like this That, “when you die? and are called to account your deeds or lack of them?”. one good angel and one bad. are called to give an account of your Life before God.


There is no Doubt to me at least that this happens. for many reasons personally. but first, let me explain a negative form in this Philosophy/understanding, as there is a Flaw. Such In the way that a uneducated mind Comprehends.


Many Cannot understand, that God is Omnipresent (Everywhere) Also The understanding  That can be gained from the depth of a word, Just as Math has its Dimensions and depth, So does the Word.


Yet God, A Dimension by infinity? by a Depth Infinity!…. and then Some!. Some of The Rich Folks along with the vast Majority of the Western Civilisations Poor Cannot get there head around That Concept.  Drop that in to a conversation when your stoned!! You do not have to agree to a concept or one persons truth But understanding through Knowing is essential


Shit?! Does it really take Genius to see, that if you lack in Language then you lack in Life! There is Quote By Charles Dickens in which he said  “Understanding poverty is nothing Short of Genius” or words to that Effect  The Poor,Poverty, has many forms From The Uneducated. I like to think of Dickens when he stated this or wrote it, He was Most likely smiling, with a wry smile Thinking of all The Pompous Fools sitting in Positions of Power That he knew.


Many Do not want to Believe or Know in A god which lets all the crap in the World happen and to top That! After you have no doubt struggled through Life’s Myriad of Different Coloured Turds Then tops it off! Judges you when you Die!.just Because You Still jerk off! at 45 (Catholic interpretation) Age was picked randomly by a Computer arrhythmical Programme  in case anyone is Catholic, 45 and has a dodgy Ticker. i am Lying about the Programme (Catholic Faith)


Here is another Misunderstanding That comes From Some Purists in Language  That God is Christian and Allah is Muslim  it’s literal meaning and that’s it!!. so i say, That God is Allah, And Vice versa explaining that i see it in a Philosophical Sense But still… “They” The Purists say no, That the two should not be Confused eh? What does that actually mean?) i suppose, that’s all it means Literally!!


Maybe! that is just how far there understanding Goes (well it must be) Hence I understand the Limit of the Literal. So surely there is a word for them Purists (Don’t call Me Surly!)  That Means Both, One and the same? ohm ohm ohm ohm ooooohhhhhhmm let me Meditate on that for a Moment omnipresently


The poverty of Language is everywhere even as i write this there are words i hope to hear one day i do not know what they will be? So,a wee surprise for the future Be!. So then when the meaning is given as i will be asking. Eye will smile with joy And “say really”  Maybe i am also Reminded of certain Words, Just when I am Meant to be Reminded of Them. And a future hope! Maybe One Day The Words “I love you” will be. When no reminder is Required And on Infinitum In Joy


There are many Great words we all wish to hear, Today, tomorrow, any time and at the the right time or at the wrong time, which makes us all Laugh


But we hear are the Mundane everyday maybe it is the english Slang That is wrong/negative?  example. “hey how you doing”? “not bad” “Not Bad!!!” which is a standard reply. So by a certain Logic hence that is our/YOUR standard! On how we are really feeling inside just by greeting Someone you Do Not Know” “Hey how ya Doin?”  You could make that in to an Equation, What about the Great Equation for all! Like the Musketeers!   One for all…….


I was writing this Blog About Something which i forgot after i wrote the title.i thought the title was Pretty Slick Then completely forgot the content But low and Behold A Blog On The Poverty of words came about. For there is poverty in Numbers, in so many more ways than one! An Abundance and not in a Good way! for The number was A human (Sound Familiar ) the Number was 666. So,  if it be a Human Number! Then, are we not Collectively responsible for the Numbers. Currency,wealth,poverty,births,deaths,Education etc!


Words have a power all their own

Words have a power all their own (Photo credit: Lynne Hand)

About Unity and Equality

I have lived very Little and compared to many I have Lived Alot and It is less about me and more about our Brethren and Sisters in a nut shell Humanity. Poverty is not just about the Bank balance but the many levels of poverty that exist from a lack of education. And how to be Guilt Free, not to feel shame or embarrassment and in constant doubt learning to tear Down Walls that Separate Society. One Child Starving in The World that we call Home Is One Child to Much. Ignorance is the enemy of people as is doubt and insecurity the enemy Of Humanity. We need to break free from the shackles of ignorance and seek out The Freedom of Spirituality, The God Head that exists within us all. " The Kingdom Of Heaven is found from within" for we are both Key and Door.
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