Love thy Neighbour More than yourself

It has Become apparent to myself, of late, the Judgment of God, is only for the Good and the Pure of Heart. those who wish to know The divine Nature, and live in Harmony with one another.

In Psalms; King David says, Lord do not let me enter in Judgement! this is after he realises he has sinned (missed the mark) (has become uncentered) no doubt from some Earthly ordeal he has not dealt with properly!

For broad is the Gate That leads to Destruction, Narrow is the Gate That leads to Eternal life.. This is speaking about the Soul, and its journey, through into the life eternal.

Not like a Journey we take daily on public transport

Does it not state in scripture, that, on the Earthly plane, the sun shines on the Good, and bad alike.

On this Here Earhlty Plane, we have the power to right any wrongs to make ammends! lest we die, and are buried, then, time has run out for us to make any Corrections/ammends, in otherwords to be living properly!

And this leaves us open to Judgemnet that is not in our hands! but if you recieve into Judgement whilst Alive in The body! this My freinds is the true Meaning Of the “Ressurection”
The new person who has shed off the old habbits of what i like to call the Primal Mind and they have begun to live, as self illuminating Individuals!

For sure we may stumble, at times, Along this path.. this is what is meant by as “Lord do let my Feet stumble”
Jesus speaks of this in The Parable of The sowers. “The rocky ground”.

in the Mustard Seed By OSHO. he writes there is an ancient hebrew saying that,
“The Search of God only truly begins once you have found God!”

Jesus Re-itterates this point, By saying, in fact asking God ” Let they who are seeking keep on seeking untill they have found”

whilst writting this i am reminded that many will come into judgement but not all will escape.that is untill they have become Blameless!

Jesus speaks of a Man, who was in this very predicament for no less than
14 years! and Jesus said, “oh what manner of evil and nasty things he must of seen!”

It also spoke, or written about, i think in Daniel, That the Son of Man for this age must go through SEVEN Years of this..
“As it is written First he must go through Many things!” this i would imagine is so, to be able to teach about The true Judgement, and the true meaning of Sin.
The latter here is written in The New tesatment!

if you read my Blog i think you should have a glimpse of Jeremiah-23 (NIV)
(The Rightous Branch) This also speaks of the today times, that we live in, and The Return 60 years ago of the Israeli Nation..

If you have any Understanding of the bible you will see That God has Given wealth and power to Many Peoples! This is to see What they will do with it!. To see, if, they will do Good, or stay in The darkness of there own Ignorance and hypocrisy, bluntly put their Evil and greedy Intent!
Which, at no time on a global scale is this more Apparent than NOW!!

Plalm 82
Defend the cause of the weak and Parentless;
Maintian the rights of the poor and Oppressed;
Rescue the weak and needy;

The Kingdom is within, and the Mountain of Zion where God Dwells can be reached from within. Yet long can be the road! Especially when Humanmity is losing its Humanity
As Jesus says’ Some Pilgrims go on pilgamage without making any progress!”
he says also when you are out of Balance (i.e sinning) Then take insperation from nature!
So, just as the journey the Buddha went on, up the winding path! he reached his Enlightenment!
And Just as Mohhamed Speaks about our Alloted place in the Garden!
He also says “The Most Noble and Excellent Of Jihad’s Is The one with Oneself!”
So it would seem Salvation and Redemption is individualistic.
So, we must all, undertake this Journey at some point, as Jesus Christ states in the Gospel of Thomas..

The kingdom of heavan covers the Earth with it’s Glory But we Percieve IT NOT!!
So when the time Comes, i would guess some will reach for the stars before others!

Be of one mind

About Unity and Equality

I have lived very Little and compared to many I have Lived Alot and It is less about me and more about our Brethren and Sisters in a nut shell Humanity. Poverty is not just about the Bank balance but the many levels of poverty that exist from a lack of education. And how to be Guilt Free, not to feel shame or embarrassment and in constant doubt learning to tear Down Walls that Separate Society. One Child Starving in The World that we call Home Is One Child to Much. Ignorance is the enemy of people as is doubt and insecurity the enemy Of Humanity. We need to break free from the shackles of ignorance and seek out The Freedom of Spirituality, The God Head that exists within us all. " The Kingdom Of Heaven is found from within" for we are both Key and Door.
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