Goodbye to Westminster


We in Scotland must vote “YES!!!” on September the 18th. So as to say goodbye to London rule!
As they are nothing short of elitist warmongers!                we could make Scotland a beacon of hope to the rest of the world and pull our many citizens out of the trap of poverty and ignorance! Which Westminster seems to thrive on! 

We are with the people of Gaza and where ever else injustices are rampant!

We will again become the lion rampant … And it will roar against Westminster and other elitist, zionistic governments! Amen! And Enshallah!


About Unity and Equality

I have lived very Little and compared to many I have Lived Alot and It is less about me and more about our Brethren and Sisters in a nut shell Humanity. Poverty is not just about the Bank balance but the many levels of poverty that exist from a lack of education. And how to be Guilt Free, not to feel shame or embarrassment and in constant doubt learning to tear Down Walls that Separate Society. One Child Starving in The World that we call Home Is One Child to Much. Ignorance is the enemy of people as is doubt and insecurity the enemy Of Humanity. We need to break free from the shackles of ignorance and seek out The Freedom of Spirituality, The God Head that exists within us all. " The Kingdom Of Heaven is found from within" for we are both Key and Door.
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3 Responses to Goodbye to Westminster

  1. 80% of laws are already dictated by the EU

    Say YES to a break up of the UK which will make it easier for the EU to completely gobble up the UK in easy bite sized chunks!

    Divide and conquer!

    Say yes to Scotland becoming an even less significant and less powerful backwater of Europe covered in wind farms and new nuclear power stations providing energy for continental Europe!

    (cue evil laugh)


    • Valid point … my hope is that, we take the best that many countries have to offer and implement them into our Society! Education, housing, a goodbye to poverty!
      and if Brussels dictates a new law that we do not agree with, then, just like Westminster does, we will then pay a fine For not Adhering to said law.. if the dictates of Europe are not in the best interests of Scotland, and the World in general then we will say “NO” to that!

      P.s Loved your Evil Laugh x


    • Good Day. Spinning for Difficulty.
      I Hope you are well.
      I am just making my way through older blogs in the hope,desire to edit and enhance them and I came across you reply to my blog on the Scottish idependance ref. well mon Ami, the Cow dung has hit the barn door. That is for sure and to quote from The Phantom Menace “their are heroes on both sides”and as per norm, the Villans sit in seats of power.
      p.s I have used your (cue evil laugh) quite a few times when I responding to something or other as I​ thought it was quite cool.
      hope you are well. David.


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