Excerpt from Thomas… twin of Jesus

Master! “Tell us what the Sin of the World is?”

Jesus replied ” i tell you the truth there is no Sin of the world” ” Sin only exists when You act in accordance with your corrupted nature!” jealousy, greed, hate,doubt. beguiling wisdom, low self worth!
So, when you find yourself out of balance ( a definition of sin) then take inspiration from nature!”..

For when you make the Negative and positive balanced, when you join the female and male that exists in you! so when you Make the Two into one. so your mind is not divided and your are one ..then as you live and breathe today, you will Enter the Kingdom of Heaven!
And not after your body is in the ground rotting as the hypocrites declare!
for this is the doctrine of the false churches that have Mislead Mankind for an age!

Do not pray to Buddha … be a Buddha.. do not pray to Christ become a Christ!
The once secret knowledge is out there..
Remember, we are kings and queens of this world .. it was written long ago that “we are Gods upon the Earth!”
Not slaves to false Kings and skewed religions.. and money lenders! and enslaved to petty differences…
this is why it is written in “Genesis” that we are created in the image of God..

The kingdom dwells within all peoples and tongues… have faith, patience and endurance, and you will find your inner treasure.. your inner bliss..

As it is written “let them who seek the kingdom of heaven!, keep on seeking, till they have found!”


About unityandequality

I have lived very Little and Lived Alot and It is less about I and all about Humanity, and Poverty, on all levels. also how to be Guilt Free, And tear Down Walls that Seperate Society. One Child Starving in The World That We Call "Home" Is One Child To Many. The Ignorance Of The Many...
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