The Transatlantic Trade of Thievery

Recently, I have Just discovered this here “#Tag” #NuitDebout ” is not just a well worth while #tag!

One hopes! That this, like all altruistic #tags, are used more and more frequently. In as such, that, every time the #NuitDebout #tag is used.

Regardless whether  it is via twitter/facebook Or, any other social media platforms. That, when IT IS used by us, and when on hitting the send button Your device would then let out a little Grrrowl.

A Kingly growl of approval from the King of the Savanah..

Politicians are here and are employed to serve us, and to install trust and virtues  not to just speak about “Ideals”  but to make sure that all Schools are equal, whether you hail from the East End. or from a more affluent area of a City. This is as much to do with the parents as it is the kids. Yet sometimes “THE NUCLEAR FAMILY”  On both sides. has problems .

The minimum wage is a problem for all those who are on it. it has been a problem since? well since well before the #tollPuddleMartyrs

I do not know how long that the ( #NuitDebout ) has been going/trending,.that is  within the cities of France? (you got to love the French!) They know how to strike,? “More importantly how to come together!”
#NuitDebout (a collective consciousness)


Nuit debout is a French social movement that began on 31 March 2016, arising out of protests against proposed labor reforms known as the El Khomri law or Loi travail.[1] The movement was organized around a broad aim of “overthrowing the El Khomri bill and the world it represents”.[2] It has been compared to the Occupy movement in the United States and to Spain’s anti-austerity 15-M or Indignadosmovement.[3]

The movement is centered at Paris’s Place de la République, where protestors have held nightly assemblies following the 31 March protest.[4] The movement has spread to dozens of other cities and towns in France as well as to neighbouring countries in Europe and to countries further afield.]

Driving back from EDINBURGH


Craig O'rourke ANNON Mask

we are all one.under the sun except the bad they use human sheilds .

How to come together? and how to learn to storm the Bastille of our Souls? conversing with our MINDS and HEARTS. and more importantly with a peaceful resolve of revolution,  when listening, and  thinking  of “others!”..”The others?”

“The Others” .. LoL
Sounds like the 1st few seasons of “LOST” “The Others!” lol But then again.. just possibly! this may have been the point of the HBO Show,


Find the decent and grow with them like a family.

“The others”.. a metaphor for the sleepy, the unconscious! ,-the middle classes- who are quite happy to believe in a system of government, a system that doesn’t work for everyone let alone the ” middle ground/seats, ” which they are called in political jargon.
And boy are they are content!..(well on facebook they are) why content!? well Because every 5 years, they/we get “-1- vote” for someone else (who is more impotent than the last elected leader) but, who will in their belief system, kiss the sore bit and make the pain go away. This untrue/ quasi-comfortable belief.  ThisPolitical wheel of KARMA, Ticktock’s away, and cleverly resets itself in another 5 years! or if you are lucky its reset tomorrow. and declares itself Nill and VOID.

The “Social media re-tweeter or, the activist’s action,~ both actions~ yet both actions are better as one action.. in this age of understanding and Knowledge. working as one .in Glasgow. 

We need a social media tech or two?. updates  etc; mission statements and the like. tis like preparing for a war without violence. A war of the hearts and minds with the soul of humanity up for grabs Like a 1st class prize.

As There is no higher aim, no higher accomplishment Than finding and freeing your Soul. but once it is free! what other battles for your soul then appear?

                 “One hand washes another  yet, both hands wash the face”

let us recite poetry ! we all get one line each …GO!!!

Back to reality …Buuuump!!

And so, scarier enough now with the signing of The T.T.P AGREEMENT.                            Which, funnies of ironical funnies ( lowest form artistically, socially and sarcastically of something unfunny) ( Funnies of Ironical funnies = Corporate thieving ) So ironical funnies aside, though at the same time, ironically enough, (probably in the same room)             The T.T.I.P agreement was ALSO signed.

No doubt with A Flick of a Sith Lord’s wrist, “ABRACADABRAalaKazaam Kalamazoo!by many of the big companies, Sorry, I mean NATIONS (my Bad) which The T.T.I.P has been agreed upon. Behind closed doors, in Total SECRECY, SIGNED SEALED and getting DELIVERED.Via FedX (TAX FREE) 

Why was there not a referendum on this ..?
This means, your children will now grow up in a world where the corporate Jezebel lies and rules (30% More than Today)

Where the Governments of the world will have next to no Power/influence for they have, and are selling the common man out! or, as you read this, being bought out this moment,bullying, bit by bit, by  hook or by crook, by the Big companies of the World..with some local shops. “the smaller  game.” Swallowed up and sucked dry by a high-end Vampire Hooker who when turning tricks goes bythe name ….

” Hillary Clinton”

Imagine if the police force was privately owned ? (which it kind of is) or the Army! slowly, but with a steady (throw in a few gun related murders) gathering of its pace! this is’ already happening. look at their body army?
For in about 30-40 years from now the police will probably have a logos’ stitched on (by someone (in a sweatshop) just trying to earn enough for a food voucher) a coca cola logo on their uniforms.. and then also in 20 years, the N.H.S will probably be sponsored by ASDA.- Sad, but quite possibly! Very true, just by looking at the way things are going.  i think the  right-wing call it progress. the rest of us will name it “sadness” and if nothing is done to stop this  Faux progress then sadness will win the day. but not to worry as there wil be plenty of Xanex out there for you, and that they will give you FOR FREE.images

Untill the despair can be taken no more, the Vallium ain’t working the wars and greed are Sky high. The first person to jump off of thier Office block  roof.            left a note …. It read; “Where have all the  Heroes gone???”  WHERE!!??                                  He was too far gone in his depression to remember, to remember what?!??!!  AAAHhhaaaahhhaght SPLAT!!

To remember that; all Super Heroes

“That’s one less pathetic life” as  the Ice Queen  rubbed her gnarled Bony fingers that now more than ever resembled claws.                                                                                               

         had always said ;                                                                                                                         

“That Heroes are Born, They are made”They come from within us” A hero is someone who see’s how the World is? and how the world Should be! and one day decides to take a stand

To remember that;



it’s going to take a lot of masks, capes and boots and Spliffage to sort this rabble of shit out!!

Especially, with the signing of the T.T.P TRANSATLANTIC TRADE PARTNERSHIP.. Which is no Partnership to Humanity.

But, Is is Partnered to the Vast inequality of Society’s around the world, The POOR.. The. lost, The Destitute, all Ravaged and Buffeted By life.

Woe!! How, it is shaped by those that are close to home or they the faceless from further afield.  Casting spells, deep from within their ivory towers. They dictate  overseas and from all around the globe, they sit in bejewelled rooms and  like an EVIL ALCHEMIST create desires, our perceived needs and the others ravaged by desire, fame and fortune, combined with pouts, slightly fuller lips. fight vainly against time but!! if their Seed and egg endures? then legacy can be made and they will be remembered upon this Earth in name and deed.

for many of this half  is of  vain glory and for the other half they know their name is not written into the Lambs Book of life eternal. so a legacy of destruction is on their Lips.; The Poor and the weak Such easy Targets She Mused to herself as two of her Men Servants Massaged her feet while she supped on 1st cup of the day. A  Bat Shit $50 a cup of coffee.

Plus The Messiah’s Wife, Kim Kardashian’s  Holly’s Ass.  The World is sucking up that one. Their are probably a Million, if not Millions of Working class Dads and some gals Sitting round the breakfast table, menatlly drinking her big assed picture up. while the wife gets the kids ready for school.      The Ice Queen Mused to herself..  

She the Ice queen also wondered  how often  in a month or a year? did her paper ogling Husband look at  her? The same way He was ogling Kim Kardashians Ass that bright and sunny morning.

(I digress, excuse me)

Personally, i prefer the ass/mind/lips of Eva Mendez.( not that i intimately  know either )  But, if i ever was the choice between Eva and Angelina Jolie .. ( Get in line girls) .well Eva I am sorry ! Angelina wins hands down! She is super Babe! and a great role Model.

As is Christy Turlington, and the many upon many, who live without the tag of fame who do good works but for some reason we the decent folks of Planet Earth seem to be outnumbered by the Ice queens and gritty, wrinkly sand Demons like Rupert Murdoch.

but fear not, the tides are changing. we live upon a cusp of change.. where many seem to feel it or see it .. But alas alack the vast majority sitting on the toilet looking at Someones Ass.

Many of us have lost our Crowns. And many are the great Crowned pretenders of false promise.and Hope!

The crowned, the true sages of old Knowledge are all about. You could, and are one OF them!.

“Somewhere their is a hero in Heroin”

You may not know this that; Jesus said; “That you are Gods upon this Earth.”
And as Mohamed Ali said;” Helping people is the rent you pay for living on this earth!”

P.S. Jesus said the above, when he was refuting the Pharisees/church elders of his time..

he also said;


(Ubber revolutionary for that time period for every swinging Dick and their Donkey back in tose days owned A slave.)


#NuitDebout #tentown #glasgow  #referendun on all issues Peace

About Unity and Equality

I have lived very Little and compared to many I have Lived Alot and It is less about me and more about our Brethren and Sisters in a nut shell Humanity. Poverty is not just about the Bank balance but the many levels of poverty that exist from a lack of education. And how to be Guilt Free, not to feel shame or embarrassment and in constant doubt learning to tear Down Walls that Separate Society. One Child Starving in The World that we call Home Is One Child to Much. Ignorance is the enemy of people as is doubt and insecurity the enemy Of Humanity. We need to break free from the shackles of ignorance and seek out The Freedom of Spirituality, The God Head that exists within us all. " The Kingdom Of Heaven is found from within" for we are both Key and Door.
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