One powerful Word

3 hourglass cycles ago
The power in The Word ” Referendum” is massive, so massive its Huge that I think that many folks do not understand the magnitude of this word. Massive because we live in a democracy albeit a fading Democracy.
Fading because it no longer “safely serves” the wealthy, the powerful politicians, the top 3% as it once did. This a broken Machine, the Killing floor where The cows and calfs alike get a bolt to the head and the Bull is put out to stud. terrorising all who come near.
Greed rules, Ignorance has a foothold in every street all under the guise of a “Democratic society”.
Yet still hanging on to life even though democracy seems to be in its death throws. we are not many Countries, we are not ISIS, We are not Torquemada, we have freedoms and with freedoms, you are allowed to gain Knowledge, to self-improve! But we are breaking.

But with an understanding of the meaning of this one word (to it’s fullest capacity) You could change the way in which we are Governed or, in which laws are passed. Instead of leaving it to a house full of self-serving, self-interested parties. (for the most part)

People are becoming smarter, more intelligent. more aware. Educated people, They scare the establishment, the established order of things. Historical Fact; The dictator Pol Pot he executed people with glasses. why? Becuase in his eyes they looked intelligent and in his crazy thinking one day may have challenged him;
“knuckle draggers welcome”
Using fear and violence he could control the rest, the weak, the vulnerable. No need for Propaganda when your subjects are poor and violence is your measuring stick. “Hello U.S.A”
Okay that slur was below the Belt ” hello Poor ( usually black African American)  LOL It is all of us, not just them U.S.A People”
With Pol Pot, I think it’s safe to assume, that the Word Referendum was 100% not in his Vocabulary, like many Dictators, but the great flipside with us, the hoi polloi, people of today is Referendum, a word that is now firmly established in our vocab. And no doubt like myself and many other folks, up until a few years ago (2014. Scotland.) #sadday # bollocks did not know about this word. It’s like a mythical word, lost for thousands of years! until a decade or two ago, and still not known truly be many today, right now!.

Imagine a company, like Google, and it was not paying it’s taxes or it was found to be playing legal loopholes (Tax Havens) (“oops” “shhh” “quiet” “Shhhit it’s out in open now!”)( my litteral Sarcasm) so as to pay less, too profit more just like the Coffee houses we enjoy today,(Minimum wage Slavery) and this came to light.
( hello anybody reading this)
Then you/us the People we could have a referendum ( if we were allowed) and not one of the Imaginarium. “If we were allowed” Aye by our Overlords, Bad Robots do as you are Programmed, do not deviate. We all know we are the Sheep and sheep get Sheared once a year. And don’t forget the Farmer with his one welly trick and The farmers Son who’s hormones are off the chart, losing his hormonal overload on his Pig, Goat and like his dad finally sticking and with Dolly ) and the college kids Daring each other ” Go On Dave!” ” Let that pig Suck you off!! Becuase sheep or no sheep we are just live stock to the system
Referendums is the power in our hands “on whether or not to break the company up or Nationalize it. The politicians can collect the facts but we should decide.
Whatever the scenario may be, it doesn’t matter, as the point is, that the people could decide via a “Referendum” on what is to be done or what is not to be done in a country’s interest especially on big decisions, if as I said, we were allowed.
Or maybe! We could just start it at a local council level, having referendums on what is good and beneficial for the MANY and not the FEW.
But then again are most of us Educated enough to go vote?

Whatever your political views You can not deny that the more referendums on for example Trident? the Louder your voice would be heard ( for that is your voice)and your political voice right now (and I hate to be the bearer of bad news) is like a silent FART in a hurricane .

yours Truly
Baaahhhh Baaahh

‪#‎referendums‬ (plural) (more than one)
TEMPTED TO MAKE THIS 666 WORDS Damn just over. oink! oink!


About Unity and Equality

I have lived very Little and compared to many I have Lived Alot and It is less about me and more about our Brethren and Sisters in a nut shell Humanity. Poverty is not just about the Bank balance but the many levels of poverty that exist from a lack of education. And how to be Guilt Free, not to feel shame or embarrassment and in constant doubt learning to tear Down Walls that Separate Society. One Child Starving in The World that we call Home Is One Child to Much. Ignorance is the enemy of people as is doubt and insecurity the enemy Of Humanity. We need to break free from the shackles of ignorance and seek out The Freedom of Spirituality, The God Head that exists within us all. " The Kingdom Of Heaven is found from within" for we are both Key and Door.
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