What Does “My only Begotten Son” Mean?

Within Islam and Christianity, there are some major bones of contention, points of conflict. And even within the different branches of Christianity, there are differing points of view.  which, in its own way is saying “our understanding is true and yours is flawed.”

And one of the major misunderstandings is “ This is my only Begotten Son”.  And on a personal level, I had my own understanding of what this meant. But in truth, I did not know what it meant. All I had done (With my superior intellect) LOL. was thought that I knew what it meant. which in truth was naive. And this misunderstanding in the hands of say, a zealot is slightly more dangerous as it was ignorant of me and that ignorance is deadly, as we see on our flat screen T.V’S the world over. And the Trumps and that right-wing political Ilk would and do bomb just as ISIS kill. Instead of saying “hey I am going to study the different religions of God. but no! Aint’ much money in reading books and educating people. Because then they might wake up to the many harmonies that exist and the Big fat truth that if ye ain’t in the Big rich man’s club? as the late George Carlin said: “Then your F**ked”    

So today,  after reading posts, and comments on a Facebook Page called The Deen Show, which is run by followers of a branch of Islam who are called Sunnis. I then decided to Google what The Word Begotten actually means? It turns out to be quite interesting, not merely for the fact that it has been hijacked to fit in or to suit or justify an individual  belief system or a whole Churches ethos/belief or to keep two main Religions warring, claiming superiority over each other our way is the best  and no matter the religious narrative? they seem to forget, about Love, understanding and above all, compassion.

There are many Bones of religious contention especially between the less educated and paradoxically between the power houses of certain Governments and religious institutions. ” The alleged educated leaders”

 So, we are told that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son So “Begotten?” Can mean I have “produced” this man for you.                                              

 For example:”Engender” comes from the Latin verb generate, which means “to generate” or “to beget.” So a more succinct and probable translation of this famous quote would be I, God, have generated this Man, in this case, Jesus. I have taught him, Just as no person is born wise but through experiences and life lessons becomes wise. (hopefully)  Another synonym of Begotten is “Effect” So The Lord God, through the Holy Spirit has laid The God Effect upon him and thus he Jesus becomes a prophet and Teacher to Mankind. Just as God was the shepherd/teacher to Jesus. Jesus then over time becomes one of the Prophets /shepherds to Humanity.  A son of man.

like many prophets before him including Hercules was called/named a Son of Man in laymen terms “Sons to Humanity” Holy Teachers.  and if you know anything out with the Hollywood take on and about Hercules is that he Hercules was called far and wide to solve disputes from villages to towns to cities. As he was known as a just man, a man of truth. as the Bible states in Genisis “Men of Renown   And His legendary, mythical battles were no doubt the battles with his inner-self one of his trials was killing or capturing the three-headed dog. This dog was the Greek Cerberus that accompanied the God of the underworld  Hades. (kai me ton kuna)?   But, if memory serves from reading either Plato or Marcus Aurelius, he Hercules was too good at calling out the crooked the wicked and out witting the cunning cruelty of men. So much so he became a threat to the established order. Labors of Heracles he was eventually jumped upon and burned alive. No doubt before the ordinary people started to call out and shout and demand that he should become king of the land  But looking past and through the myth, and seeing them as Parables for the inner person Then as the Bible quaintly puts it “Men of Renown” he was already a king, a sage an Enlightened one, and Therefore a king within himself. 

Look at what we know from modern history J.F.K or Gandhi or Martin Luther King to John Lennon. The powerful politic and the elite of society as we know! for the overwhelming, most part, do not much care for the spread of truth and compassion unless they are to be seen at a ball for a charity, where they shake the hand of the revolutionary peace maker, the striver of equality. but behind closed doors plot their Destruction and demise. And as for us the PLEBS they keep us entertained and divided by The vision that tells and sells you a vision. 

So the word begotten?” with some knowledge in my opinion, and with the help of the Oracle that is “Goofle” but usually google can be summed up like this!.

 I God, have fathered (Begotten) (sired) (generated )this man in the ways of the Good, truthfulness and righteousness. I have taught him, My hand is upon the earth and my guiding hand is in him. And if you know anything about Jesus, he prayed night after night, possibly for weeks or months.  raising his hands to the heavens calling upon God to come, for his people the Jews were suffering (little did he know that his calling/ministry would be to call out to the gentiles/pagans/us of which many Jews did not like at all) and on the last night, the night he had decided, was going to be him calling this the last night, before giving up on calling upon the Lord, and as the story goes on the last night as he got up from his meditations and supplications, ready to walk away, God Answered. The Temple Door rolled opened.

 Not unlike the story of the Buddha, who decided too, after many years of walking the land as a peasant, strugling and nealry dying due to malnutrition from a period of constant fasting. For he was born a prince who would one-day become King to his fathers kingdom. But as the story goes, one day during his searching and wanderings he remembered that, as a child he would sit at the foot of a tree in the Palace gardens, and he remembered whilst sitting a feeling of calmness, tranquilty and possibly a sense of timelessness while listing to the birds and nature working all around him. And so on remembering this after his many, many years of wandering in his pursuit to understand why there is suffering in the World he decided then to sit under the now famous the Bodhi Tree until an answer to what he was seeking, was found!. Which we now know  “The enlightenment” The Golden circle. and later, whilst walking among the society of his time clothed in chaos and the suffering of the people he was endowed with the noble truths.

So the question he was seeking of why there is so much suffering, was answered and if we but truly understood it. The Karma and Then the Dharma.

 ( In a nut shell ) Or as Jesus said: in a Mustard Seed the smallest of all seeds The Kingdom of Heaven is to Sowed Reaped and Found.

The religions of the World are like a tapestry a tapestry that has been woven throughout the ages, with the Earth whispering to the nations some gone and some still are but the whispering winds remain, North East, West, South. where will my soul find some rest? and with the final few strands to be woven by us with the click of a button and an open heart and open mind So to complete the Great work, the divine and sacred tapestry. A work that is ultimately up to you to educate yourself, and listen out for those who speak the truth! for The truth rings out from within you. sometimes it can burn from within.which is the lesson. It may be a bit a loud, so at first, you may not hear it! but you will feel it. it may hit you negatively at first then positively and, with a bit of math 1+1=2 you can seek and find the balance within you.

The heart weighed against the feather, the Duality, the many faces we approach the daily workings and workshop of the world so we can conform to it whilst not ever knowing or realising we have within us a true face. much like a smile but more. The highest attainment of Zen Buddism is seeing, finding and then living with your true face. The face of the seeker who has found and begins or ends his or her journey with their true face. As #Osho states ” the eyes of the seeker remain the same!”

As #Osho states ” the eyes of the seeker remain the same!” lol paraphrasing a master an enlightened one, never really a sensible thing to do. oops my bad lol

 I will leave you with a picture of someone washing feet but, it is not Mary washing The feet of Jesus. Read the many books and weave yourself your own prayer mat and maybe one day! we will all take flight on our own undogmatic magik Carpets and find the universe under our hip hop caps and see the Guru in all people, as a Hindu sage once proclaimed while upon a battlefield treating a wounded enemy.  to which his commanding officer said nothing and let him continue. but it was the small-minded soldier who brought it to the commanding officer’s attention. out of a possibility that he lacked in understanding! but the story tells he for sure lacked compasson.




God creates the Towers of Babel, not Men. but by God how many folks just babble what they have heard and not what they KNOW.







About Unity and Equality

I have lived very Little and compared to many I have Lived Alot and It is less about me and more about our Brethren and Sisters in a nut shell Humanity. Poverty is not just about the Bank balance but the many levels of poverty that exist from a lack of education. And how to be Guilt Free, not to feel shame or embarrassment and in constant doubt learning to tear Down Walls that Separate Society. One Child Starving in The World that we call Home Is One Child to Much. Ignorance is the enemy of people as is doubt and insecurity the enemy Of Humanity. We need to break free from the shackles of ignorance and seek out The Freedom of Spirituality, The God Head that exists within us all. " The Kingdom Of Heaven is found from within" for we are both Key and Door.
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