The Opioid Crisis


The Opioid Crisis

Donald Trump has recently stated that in America there is an Opioid Crisis. So begs the question what will Donald do?

There is not just an opioid crisis but a drug and alcohol problem throughout the World. In fact, I myself am going through a relapse as I write this

There are many facets to the “War on Drugs” and yet, irony of ironies there are simple solutions.  I think and to give you a problem-solving hint it was an American Philosopher That said

“It is easier to raise a healthy child than to repair a broken man”

“Money-money” that paper stuff that enables choices, that enables funding for this and that. I am sure I could quote another person who has said there always seems to be enough money for wars.  I have heard people saying the world is overpopulated? Personally, I do not think so. I think as many do, that there is too much monetary wealth concentrated in the hands of the few. And if I had a Bank account that was in the millions not even billions then I would be out helping to address the issues of this cesspool, survival of the fittest, to the victor, go the spoils claptrap.

As much as humanity is a beautiful thing floating through the cosmos on a journey somewhere a final destination to be sought or a spiritually cosmic equation to be taught and gained. For was it not a wise man that once said:

“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich Man to enter Paradise.

Let me explain one of the problems we have here at least in the UK. Let us take a person and make him/her Homeless. Let us say this person is working and earning the minimum or above. Then offer them a place in a Homeless unit. The rent they would have to then pay to stay there (That the government pays if you are unemployed) if they were on a low or above average wage? In truth, they would not be able to afford the rent unless they were in a position to Possibly Max out their credit cards. Not only is that crazy but check this! The buildings used to shelter the homeless are for the most part, as far as I am aware! Are, in the hands of Private Citizens

This is a classic example of making money out of misfortune and misery. The Greed of people, the indifference is staggering unless you live in a bubble of champagne.  And if that be the case and ye live in a champagne flute then! Who cares yer Drunk and either having a hoot or drowning yer sorrows.

And staying on booze and to quote a man who gained enlightenment at 30

“I took my stand in the midst of the world and found everyone drunk and none were athirst!”

Have you seen The Jackie Chan and Jet Li Movie “The Forbidden Kingdom?”  In it, Jackie Pours tea into a cup and keeps on pouring till the cup is overflowing. The young Novice (Traveller) says “whoa” what are you doing??


Jackie Chan says you are like the cup, full of opinions, doubts etc. (I am paraphrasing) but as you may know he is saying empty your cup become grounded in what you know and let go of all your Mental Kung Fu and learn it in actuality. Empty and meditate, become aware. As Shakespeare said

Know yourself

I wish to share now two future projections two future possibilities the first one is in your face unless you are slipping down a champagne glass like you are sliding down a Helter Skelter.  See the world as is, today. Now project what you think the world will be like in 10 to 20 years? #savage Welcome to the Thunder dome and the World of Mad Max. One third or one-fourth of the world is already knocking on that Door.

Now the second possible projection and I am basing this again on what I have seen and what I know to be true. It starts with a man who in the mid 90’s ended up Prison in his early twenties. At this time within the Scottish Prison system a prisoner did not have to pay for stamps so he/they could write umpteen letters a week and many prisoners did. Flash forward 13 years ( a generation ) The same person end up in prison again (via underhand policing and political tactics) Low and behold the Prisoner now finds that he must buy stamps and the free mailing system has been done away with.  So after a while during the man’s 3 years sentence he discovers that unlike 13 years prior where 9/10 prisoners were literate, prisoners were sadly unable to read and write. And the education block in the Prison was understaffed underfunded. with many inmates struggling to spell the word “Rehabilitation”

So let us, taking the funded dumbing down of people with the caveat of adding in the education system worldwide especially in what we coin with disgust 3rd world countries and if you be of #Spiritual nature The 2nd projection imagine The #apocalypse which if you are educated in these things would know that apocalypse means revelation. Meaning that something is to yet be revealed. Now imagine the cup “The Grail” is knowledge, a cosmic equation as some do think it is. And we know that knowledge comes through books along with experience. Now imagine this final Revelation is in written … but wait, we have possibly millions maybe billions who cannot read.

Well done the left wing well done the right. Well done the war mongers and them who will not relinquish power. Well done those who syphon off and steal the aid from other countries and well done those who argue against and veto the welfare of People for their own benefit. Well done to those “who are “just following orders?”

If had money, then I could afford to go to a rehab today. If I had a job and was made homeless but received a special rate then I could keep my job while waiting to be housed.

In regard to the drug crisis in this country and in others (of which some countries may have already implemented), there should be an open door policy. No Bureaucracy. It should be as simple as I have a problem “help me”

It is also about time the drugs were taken out of the hands of the dealers who dominate single mothers and hold power over families. It is about time we emptied our cups and educated one another.


Ellon Musk is right, the pitchforks are being sharpened as we live and breathe.  The world of Mad Max is here and possibly coming to a Town near you! Who would you rather be The Joker or The Batman?

And so to all you Christians and Muslims, Hindus, Buddhist’s and Sikhs and atheists to all the agnostics out there When Jesus spoke about Bread “Give us this day our daily bread” he Jesus used the word bread as a metaphor for KNOWLEDGE.

I will finish in this. Donald Trump is proud to be a Christian! Well,  Does it not say to Love thy Neighbour. Stay well. Cheers.

About Unity and Equality

I have lived very Little and compared to many I have Lived Alot and It is less about me and more about our Brethren and Sisters in a nut shell Humanity. Poverty is not just about the Bank balance but the many levels of poverty that exist from a lack of education. And how to be Guilt Free, not to feel shame or embarrassment and in constant doubt learning to tear Down Walls that Separate Society. One Child Starving in The World that we call Home Is One Child to Much. Ignorance is the enemy of people as is doubt and insecurity the enemy Of Humanity. We need to break free from the shackles of ignorance and seek out The Freedom of Spirituality, The God Head that exists within us all. " The Kingdom Of Heaven is found from within" for we are both Key and Door.
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