Scotland its Future and why we really wear Kilts

Sottish Politics and the act of union was Voted on and ratified without the consent of the Scottish people. #fact
Even if we were to fast forward 200 years from 1707 too 1907. when The Men of Scotland may have been able to vote but the woman *The some-what more sensible of the species still would not of had a say in public, let alone under her own families roof, less even a vote! And God forbid voting on such manly affairs. ( Ye have to lol at that)
No matter how forward thinking a husband may have been at the time. Many if not all husbands would have Guffawed at such a notion, of a woman voting. “Don’t bother your sweet head lassie”

Politics (even though it is changing) is i think, still the domain of the Man. just like in every house now, and back in 1907 every man was the king over it and the woman having about as much rights as livestock.
Even though there is The maxim “A woman Knows best!”… No-one listened to them.

Imagine if Woman had been allowed to vote in 1707. Then it is safe too assume that they would’ve voted to rid Scotland of its Scottish born Nobles and sent them packing back to London and to their Bosses in Westminster,
the ruling elite.

Back then, many of Scotland’s then Peasantry would’ve remembered: The Highland clearances, The dreaded prima Nocte! and not forgetting all the blood shed in fighting between Scotland’s Kings & England’s Kings. With us the Scots, just trying to keep our name over the Door “Scotland” and so helping in keeping the dream of our total independence alive. On Many maps of the world the name Scotland is not there. Just The UK or Great Britain, remember that title? me neither!
Yes, we have a name over our door, just! and in reality that is all we really have.
A name! but, with absolutely no substance behind it. We cannot even spend Scottish Money In London!
Have you ever tried?.

In ten years Scotland 2029 could be the envy of the world. (if “us” The Scots become independent)

History has taught us, that in 1707, The Lords of Scotland (Bankrupted themselves) they then would go cap in hand, signing away our Nation. Thankfully they were astute enough to keep our own legal system. ( Probably out of their own Self-interest)               and As Napoleon said ” Men have two levers One is Fear the other is Self-interest.           But with our exit form the Family of European Nations we, may as well say Ciao to any Legal freedoms that the Old Lords of Scotland left for us.
This treaty of unions came about it seems, and happened off of the back of some real bad Investments, most notably the Panama fiasco in which The Old Lords of Scotland in seeking to make some empire sailed out (ironically to be rid of London) into the blue and began colonising. ( It is thought that English spies helped to destabilise Scottish overseas investments.
Beginning, I think, with the sugar cane trade from The Caribbean. Meanwhile in Scotland, the families of the common man did not have a clue! as they were to busy trying to eek out a living toiling in the land, with high rents, blood/stone

A few years in and low and behold disaster struck the colonies from fires to the devastation of whole sugar crops of cane, ruined from disease.
The wealth & monies that the Lords, the nobility of Scotland were using too fund this dream of a new empire was money from the extortionate rents from the people of Scotland.
So with the Lords of Scotland now having bankrupt themselves, their own nation and people (which historians think was a campaign of sabotage on behalf of the English Crown)

They, The Nobles of Scotland, financially  defeated, broke, came home and signed the treaty of union. No doubt first sending out edicts to the peasants, toilers of the land, who probably did not have a clue about Empire and sugar cane and the plans of colony in Panama. It is safe to assume that many a common person had probably never set foot on a ship! But they were soon to find out, as the edict read, their rents were now to double.

Panama!? They, the poor families of Scotland probably couldn’t even spell Panama, let alone know where it was.

If that wasn’t bad enough lets not forget the Highland clearances. Which was not to benefit the Working peasant class. No-No, No, that again was the brain child of The Scottish Nobility, and their schemes to turn a buck off the back of the poor. Which was probably a lesson learned by The English Nobility, who’d been forcing a heavy yoke upon their people. *The Toll puddle Martyrs *

Not a lot has changed in 300 years, in as such that, the wealthy still dictate to the poor and the Man still thinks for the most part, that he is king of His castle. However, both Men and the political class do having something in common? total self-interest.
*And some woman for that matter! which is one and the same thing that both are of the same mind that says “Do as I say and not as I do!”
Imagine living today and being dictated to by your husband or, your wife on what way you should vote!? Especially for a woman knowing fine well of their subjection and years of social inferiority and the blood of sons and daughters that has been spilled, so they/us could have the freedom to vote.

Scotland has always stood by England and will no doubt continue too! But The Act of union has now ran its course. it is time for us to divorce and become a future unto ourselves.
We voted to stay part of the E.U but time, and time again Westminster, more notably London has and is, a law unto itself.
The City of London is a city/state unto itself just like a principality of say Rome, or Monaco.

Never has it been more clear (if the daily news is correct) That Scotland, has different values to England.
The people of Scotland are sick of Propaganda and fear mongering and lies and useless MP.s who still think in terms of Empire and rule Britannia. All that the UKIP EDL types stand for
If Scottish labour wants to survive then it must come out of Westminster and form its own unique individual Labour party. The same is to be said of The Lib Dems.
The leaders of these parties in Scotland after speaking to them, it is clear to see that they are followers and not leaders. The last time any of them had an original and worthy idea.. (tumble weed blowing)
Many of who probably dream of knighthoods and High Tea with the Queen. “Tally HO!
I always thought that Leaders were meant to be almost visionary! Having new ideas, solving problems, taking bold steps, bettering humanity.
Instead they follow, adhering to their whips party line, a line that comes from Westminster while lining their own pockets and this is not voted on a whip is a whip for life just like a Lord, The vote is ultimately an allusion of change.
The Scottish office has a direct line to 10 Downing street. Sadly It only receives incoming calls only & cannot dial out. The only numbers it has on it is, the number 10 and 11. number 11 is the door that takes in and counts all the Gold.

If we/you think, that Our NHS is safe because it is devolved? Well, think again?
If Westminster grants power then it can surely take it away, devolved or not? Just as if it wished to! can easily strip/close down Holyrood of any and all powers.

And now there is the possibility of a looming American plan, of a cotton picking Post Brexit Britain! “OIL-OIL-OIL
A plan (one that is already under way and happening)
In which Westminster gets down on one knee beguiled by the lure of power from a nigh on and growing MAGA Fascist US of A.
Money Talks and f ye ain’t got any … Power is bought and then.. Well, we are already and, have been seeing the Then!

Imagine If you will, that most Westminster MP’s are Getting, Sorry, I mean already HAVE! gotten down on one knee to the special relationship with the USA.
You can bet your Bottom Dollar (Pun intended, as we will be selling our arses for a dollar) that Scotland, after Breixt, will be the poor, UNEDUCTAED second cousin and in no time at all, WE, the people of Scotland will be down on both of our knees.             Sucky-sucky-Love you long time! which is real difficult to say with a mouthful of Yankee Balls.
No change there then!
As we already are, especially! when begging/asking for more money by proxy from Westminster.
So it will become a double Proxy.. If there is such a thing! Washington, Westminster, =Scottish Oil.
Of course, they “London” gave the SNP more tax raising power. This in itself was a double edged sword, if ever I saw one. I can almost see Westminster, The City Of London rubbing its hands in glee at passing that power on ” watch them devour themselves”
Hopefully just giving the SNP & Holyrood  just enough rope to hang themselves on it. =enter the Neo-Cons.

Sadly, the less informed Scot, will not see it as such. They’ll just see a failure, for the simple fact they just don’t like the look of Nicola sturgeon. (imagine being that narrow minded)
I have heard people do not like Alex Salmond and i quote, Because he looks like a used car sales man. #really.
However, with a splash of hope! an end to cuts in education, this will eventually help root this narrow, bigoted and ill informed, always worsenng zeitgeists out!
But, until then! we must speak and inform the rest of The Scottish people at bus stops, queues in the supermarket, at home, everywhere!

An independent Scotland will, I think, in the future also be beneficial for England.
But as usual, many in power are too blind to see this possibity.
Making them as ignorant as the ones who voted them in and, who think activism is singing rule Britannia and shouting Paki’s go home and while dawning Yellow HI-FIZ vests to make out that they’re the common man.
Aye…They’re common….

Common as muck

About Unity and Equality

I have lived very Little and compared to many I have Lived Alot and It is less about me and more about our Brethren and Sisters in a nut shell Humanity. Poverty is not just about the Bank balance but the many levels of poverty that exist from a lack of education. And how to be Guilt Free, not to feel shame or embarrassment and in constant doubt learning to tear Down Walls that Separate Society. One Child Starving in The World that we call Home Is One Child to Much. Ignorance is the enemy of people as is doubt and insecurity the enemy Of Humanity. We need to break free from the shackles of ignorance and seek out The Freedom of Spirituality, The God Head that exists within us all. " The Kingdom Of Heaven is found from within" for we are both Key and Door.
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