About! In A nut Shell

Harmony and truth.

A balance, through knowledge, learning, and understanding. Knowledge, picking up the Oppressed, along with a book and in doing so freeing ourselves from the tyranny of ignorance and ultimately a farewell, of intellectual and material Poverty.
“Democracy” is  “the rule of the people” and are we not “led to believe that it is meant to mean Freedom? but in truth, we have been led like a bull with a ring through its nose, the sheep to the proverbial slaughter. with each of us wildly trying to get through the open gate first. full of fear and panic, not knowing, just like the sheep to where we are being herded. But we do know, don’t’ we?

But the rub is such, that it traps people into a climate of greed & Consumption because capitalism has Become and is “Democracy’s Dirty Robe”. instead of “Daz” white- whites!. This enslaved Democracy via debt has become the “Norm” the climate we live in while “MANY” the many do starve and become less educated. Has Trump not just recently cut the education budget or redistributed it to more wealthy education.

English: A man begging on the streets of Harid...

English: A man begging on the streets of Haridwar, India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We Live in a world where Police Shoot Miners who are just wanting to Live Better Lives. where a group of 4 people standing together can be seen as gathering/threat #uk  Arresting Beggars For Begging. “What the Eyes Do not SEE” Eh? And Private armies/security firms #Standingrock is a prime example of corporate power who by-pass laws and are laws unto themselves. they call it an in-house investigation.    what bullshit

People are too complacent.  Myself Included in that Complacency. My GOAL is NO doubt the Same as many. which is for everybody to stand up and be counted not sitting at home counting your cash or for many the lack of, and instead unifying through fear are counting up your #DEBTS

(would all the Slim Shady’s Please Stand UP)

So as to value their life’and the lives of others so as to enjoy life. As there are too many sufferings here and Overseas.  Many of us can Imagine the world without Man Made (note Man-Made) suffering. can we not? yet many of us sit at home and say ah! someone is protesting so we need not. Or, a sin of sins the government will sort it out… big LOL! Think to yourself for a moment can you name a Government/country that really and truly works to empower you?. Maybe “if” the Dali Lama was back in Tibet then, then you, out of the 100’s of countries & Governments around the Word could pick one with ease

The World is So they say  Over Populated. but nope! even though with every unfolding disaster it is heading that way, yet one stark truth sticks out is, that there are many millions of kids who have no parents, no role models. And this World it is drowning! in Dogma’s, doctrines, and in some if not many places idiotic and dangerous Laws. Are we not capable of living without any laws.?

We should not need laws, but we do, why? because it’s a Dawg eat Dawg World Dogma against Dogma that, is the world I do not want to see and I see it, you also do, like the venus fly trap, unfolding its alluring petals everyday and that has been the Way For Far Too Long. Where have we got to as the Human race?…… Wars, Famines, ignorance,

                  The Earth is your Mother and our Father, We Need to wake up!

                                 Read a book, my recommendation of one to read would be                         “The Mustard Seed”

             (By  Osho)

                                               God Bless you and Bless each other.                                                  A’K.A ” Be F@cking nice to one another

                                                         Help Educate one another.

let Peace and compassion rule you from within and be guided by wisdom. Help to light up  #420 and enlighten the path for the rest, the many!.

2 Responses to About! In A nut Shell

  1. Rem Tanauan says:

    Here we are called for a deep need to transform. =)


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