OPPS…. What An IDIOT   What an Idiot. Three times you drop something or kick your cup of tea over because it was on the floor rather than on the table or, maybe …

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                               OPPS…. What An IDIOT


What an Idiot. Three times you drop something or kick your cup of tea over because it was on the floor rather than on the table or, maybe a stressful day at work as you reach for a folder. Maybe someone bumps into you or vice versa as you leave your local (C.A.S) “caffeine addiction station.” “Idiot, idiot, and idiot” you mumble to yourself or say in your head.

Of late, I have been saying idiot a lot of myself, and in the last few months, this has progressed to using the word “Asshole” which inwardly I mentally mutter.  Ultimately there is no reason for mentally berating myself with something as trivial as kicking a cup of tea over. But like many, I crucify myself mentally.

If perhaps, It had been a glass of red wine you knocked over on a nice expensive cream carpet that had just been purchased and, it was getting sucked into like an alcoholic, on their third day of withdrawal. Then fair enough, I could understand you saying, whispering idiot, asshole etc. under your breath.  But in reality, there is no point, no endearing purpose in these negative mutterings by mentally reprimanding yourself.  It has happened and by calling yourself an idiot or asshole, is not going to clean it up or, get the stain out.

Only the action of cleaning the spill will clean it up, and to be calling yourself, an idiot and in some cases a fucking idiot, this actually starts to reinforce, project a negative value from within.

We may even blame the glass or the wonky table or the partner who has not yet got around to fixing the wonky table leg.

The cup or glass is not an idiot nor is it an asshole it cannot be. You may brush this off as a figure of speech, an expressing of emotion and, in the latter, you would be correct! As really, this is a stress in your life, a manifestation of emotional stress that this indicates in the calling yourself an asshole or idiot, just from something as simple as spilling a cup of tea or glass of wine and, in doing so you are actually and very subtly over time reinforcing a lack of worth. This will have an impact on your life and in the lives of those around you.

(There are powers in words; there is power in the way we say words; many of us do not realize the extent of the power that resides within us, from the way we dish out words or the way in which words are received. In some cases, you may leave some famished, starving, destitute or, you may leave a person full up as though they have just tasted the sweetest of puddings or, left them knowing that they have true and faithful  friends.  Or even though a person of whom you have just met and spoken to lives in a poor part of town you, have left them feeling as though they live in a Palace.

You drop your keys “Fuck sake” you say as you bend down to pick them up.  It is only a set of keys no drama but, a “fuck sakes “comes out of your mouth.  Now dropping a set of keys down a drain? Now that might warrant “for fuck sake” But it does not warrant “what an idiot” after the fuck sake. Personally, I would use a less forceful word like “Drat” or “Jingobadingo” the latter I just made up. Why? Well to keep it light and add a bit of humour, a little bit of sunshine through the grey clouds so to speak.  As it’s not the end of the world and you never know losing your keys for a wee while could have some benefits. It may give you time to clear your mind from whatever situation, the dilemma you may have been rushing home to confront.  It may also make you call a friend as you need a place to crash for the night and that friend may just need a friend at that time or, you may just need to see a friendly face.  Or maybe you may just need to make a silly word up to put a smile on your face and a giggle in your belly.

If you keep repeating something negative every time something trivial happens then this will have an impact on you and that in turn has an impact on the people you surround yourself with.  Especially children, who pick up on these things and will start to use them throughout their life, Negative words will and do have a negative impact.(Fact) I am not saying jump for joy, all I am saying is to try and say nothing;  for it is trivial thing especially when you turn on the news and see the state of the World, so why to berate, mentally chastise  yourself as that is what you are doing.

You are calling yourself an idiot for the smallest of things and with this over time build’s low esteem.

Just like Schrodinger’s Dog. It hears the bell ring and starts salivating thinking it’s about to get fed and, you/we are feeding our self-esteem.   So feed yourself good words or even better feed others with good heartfelt words. Don’t just ring the bell and point and laugh at the silly dog.

If you are stressed by the small things in life, how are you going to deal with the big things that at times come out of the blue?  Sometimes berating ourselves for the small accidents that happen in our life is an outlet usually for bigger problems in your life that you may have to look at.

phone pics etc 031

For me personally, it is my current relapse. Yet If I keep calling myself an idiot for small things likes spilling something, dropping my keys or, bumping my wheel on the kerb as I park the car, a bag of shopping bursting. Whatever it is, I am not an idiot. But yet in that moment, as I pick up my shopping or mop the milk up from the kitchen floor this gives me a moment to reflect  on possible bigger problems/solutions and there is nothing idiotic about taking a moment to reflect. And mopping is like hovering, there is something therapeutic in it. (Unless it is your full-time job and has been for 30 years! but then again? it is a means to an end, and some people may just like the simplicity of it)

In fact to reflect on your life as it is, with no shine or sheen, just the Nitti gritty that is you actually in repentance, a looking inward in and at your life. To repent is to look within at what has occurred. Not on how you would like it to be but, how it actually was without the twist and turns of your imagination filtering through. But simply on how your day was in reality. Seeing with your mind’s eye as it was but, the mind is so powerful that it drifts off into “oh I wish I had said that or done this instead” but if you relax and play out the day’s events and see yourself as you truly were and as others were then, That is to repent, to rewind the mind, to clear it out, clear out all the cookies and cached data. It is also a discipline and a way of freeing yourself up from the strains and stresses we accumulate daily, weekly, yearly etc.

At first, it may just be for a minute or two that you see the day’s events as they truly happened but if you do it more, it becomes a meditation or I should say the pre-cursor to meditation.  As the Chinese proverb goes “how can you fill your cup if your cup is already full?”

So a clearing of your mind, in other words, repent  looking back on what you have done with throughout the day. Rewind your mind and then a truer and longer lasting meditation can begin and begin to fill up your cup with good words and good actions ultimately can and will fulfil you in your/our days’ weeks, years and lives to come.

“Live long and prosper”    (Spock)


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The Transatlantic Trade of Thievery

Recently, I have Just discovered this here “#Tag” #NuitDebout ” is not just a well worth while #tag!

One hopes! That this, like all altruistic #tags, are used more and more frequently. In as such, that, every time the #NuitDebout #tag is used.

Regardless whether  it is via twitter/facebook Or, any other social media platforms. That, when IT IS used by us, and when on hitting the send button Your device would then let out a little Grrrowl.

A Kingly growl of approval from the King of the Savanah..

Politicians are here and are employed to serve us, and to install trust and virtues  not to just speak about “Ideals”  but to make sure that all Schools are equal, whether you hail from the East End. or from a more affluent area of a City. This is as much to do with the parents as it is the kids. Yet sometimes “THE NUCLEAR FAMILY”  On both sides. has problems .

The minimum wage is a problem for all those who are on it. it has been a problem since? well since well before the #tollPuddleMartyrs

I do not know how long that the ( #NuitDebout ) has been going/trending,.that is  within the cities of France? (you got to love the French!) They know how to strike,? “More importantly how to come together!”
#NuitDebout (a collective consciousness)


Nuit debout is a French social movement that began on 31 March 2016, arising out of protests against proposed labor reforms known as the El Khomri law or Loi travail.[1] The movement was organized around a broad aim of “overthrowing the El Khomri bill and the world it represents”.[2] It has been compared to the Occupy movement in the United States and to Spain’s anti-austerity 15-M or Indignadosmovement.[3]

The movement is centered at Paris’s Place de la République, where protestors have held nightly assemblies following the 31 March protest.[4] The movement has spread to dozens of other cities and towns in France as well as to neighbouring countries in Europe and to countries further afield.]

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The wheat

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No Title just a story of truth and insecurity

Did not John The Baptist Say ” I Baptize you with Water, but one is Coming, who’s shoes i am not fit to Tie, And He will Baptize you with the Holy Spirit”  He was Speaking of Jesus.
I myself was Baptized within the 1st year of my life as are many Children.  And over the years more recently to be exact, i have seen many Adults being Baptized for the first time or, for the second.
For adults to be Baptized it seems to me, That this is a signaling of a new start in there life’s en-devours, the turning of a new page, a fresh start perhaps?  For others, it is a re-conformation of there Beliefs/ faith . The latter there is more of a Traditional Tradition. and a family Day out. Yet, they all can serve as a Psychological Boost? for the person starting afresh, turning a new page, it is like a Signature affirming there new/better way of life and done in the presence of others this re-enforces, or should do there intent, to remain steadfast, to not slip!
Wow!!.. if it was really that easy!… The world would be in Bliss, a little bit of tap water and a prayer a quick Blow dry… and Hallelujah!  My life is Fixed.
But if they did slip, would there Guilt be ten fold?
Do not get me wrong. i like to see People Come together and eat and lend a helping hand to the needy. But i know a beggar who has been baptized (The Full Body Immersion) in fact, i know many beggars who have been! Yet? they are still begging or drug dependent, still homeless!
The People however who helped Baptize them, and welcomed them in to there church? They are not homeless or Begging!….. But wait! strangely Enough!? they are begging?
They are begging people to come into there Church, so they Can Baptize them, begging for validation perhaps?  to hear them speak, and to hear them read from the Holly Book with The words of Jesus That they think they Understand! Okay.. They Understand Feed the Poor. but i question if the many, even understand this? as are we not all spiritual poor ?       And this i do not Belittle at all.
In this Day & Age there should be no Poverty or starvation, and those who help others are Doing good things!  but, if you are doing good things, to satisfy your own Needs? Then you are Part of the Problem and you yourself are in need of SALVATION!  at least a homeless person is honest in there predicament … no pretenses!!
 A Friend of mine who is an avid Christian, (he also wants me to be Baptized he has a good heart).                                     He, my freind, had to give a speech to The congregation about him becoming a christian, and how it had changed his life etc etc! And at the “Specially” Named Speech That he gave that night, which was very good & very funny he had everybody laughing on several occasions, throughout his speech.
IN  a Nutshell he, became a christian, so he could Get together with his now Girlfriend, That got a big Laugh, when he said That Line, as her Father is in the congregation.
Anyway, Later That evening at a Inter- church Football Game. of which the Home team Won easily i am Happy to say! [they have a good team.]
The Pastor of Said church appeared, of which was unusually, not Unheard of But!!?  he had disappeared before My friends Speech, But Had no Doubt heard that it had been Very very, well received, with Laughter & all the trade marks of Good speech!. (or had he?)
The Pastor as soon as he arrived, more or less Greeted My pal, who at that time was playing in a game of 8 a side.The Pastor, shouted in Greeting “Hey Daniel Mr Preacher Man” When he said that you could see the fleeting Confusing Looks upon most peoples Faces. & My Friend actually thought he might Be In Trouble He said albeit Jokingly!.  as we made our way to the Football Match.Earlier on And after the Game he did Comment on the Pastors unusually greeting.. not talking it as a complement! but more questioning it! …Strange you would think.. i said nothing.
I had watched all this, and what  i saw, was the Alpha male Pastor’s little whip as a Dominating comment! he said it Jokingly but behind a mask of his insecurities.The fleeting confused looks of his flock Passed, no doubt to be commented on Behind there closed doors, and no doubt, no True understanding will be  Made from that little jibe.
I have no doubt that the Pastor is a Decent person but still why should a person, who himself is insecure, Baptize a person who is insecure and in need of help in changing there life? It is very easy to re-confirm your Faith when life is good and your Family is all around you? ( IF you get my meaning?)
For a man who uses the gutter as his bed, you alleged free Churches are giving him false Baptism, to feed your own Ego’s.. and sadly you do not know it.. this is a general statement!
We as people Band together, why? as it makes us feel wanted, and secure, it is good to eat together, also a need is filled for a time.The need of Human Contact.
A Modern baptism for the most part, is just like Joining a club? and the water is the Signature! And just like the Tap water that is used upon the Homeless Junkie, it will eventually  Drain Away! i hope it does not & The mental boost it gives to others, also helps them remain Steadfast.
But what i think, is that a true Hand of friendship is worth more than a 1000 Churches & There Baptisms of what they deem to be Holy Water!
For a house built on Loose Foundations will crumble when the strong winds come!
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My Modern take on Genesis chapter 1-27

Genesis 1- 27

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him male and female he created them.

It is well known that to change the structure of a sentence all you need do is add a coma!                       So if you read the above passage without any punctuation, you will see that you get quite a radical almost dualistic view of the creation of man parable.

It would imply, that humanity was born into the recognizing the Masculine and feminine aspects of His Nature?

You could even push the envelope further by saying that humanity is in Essence Bi-sexual but given over to Preference, choice. Attraction, soul mates, etc!

I have a few freinds in Jail who would class themselves Hetrosexual on the Outside and when doing time They become Jail Gay

Or the old chestnut screamed out by the Anti Gay Community.

”The Bible!!! …” it says Go forth and multiply” you faggot you will Buuuurn in the pits of HHHHELLL!!

Personaly i would say ” Chase me!!!”Kiss me, Hooolld me!!

but on a more philosophical level i would say;

It also says to be fruit full…  And I like to think, that God is the one who Created Humour. So in a modern context, which is the way we have to take it, why? Well it is Written Gods word endures forever!

Can we not multiply with Kindness?

Multiply with Love, multiply with understanding! Multiply with compasion!

So what Fruitful might mean? In the modern context would too be fruitful in all your endeavours, and not to be Destructive, with all the negative connotations that Destructions can carry!

Greed, jealousy, and back biting which seems to be a favourite with a footballer or so

And more importantly in this day and age if it was not For Gay couples adopting then Many Children would be dead, or in abject poverty! Why? Because of the alleged Superior Morality of Those who thinks they have the final say on the word of God!

The same people today, who cite Religious intolerance, with their Superiority complexes, and are all, so wise in their own opinions,. Would be standing side by side and colluding with Torquemada and the Inquisition, a Fact with factotum

And I, like many others, see Gay Adoption as being Highly Fruitful, as is any Adoption of a child who has no Parents, no person to love or to show them love..

So, if you are a servant of Love? Then you are a Child of God… and if you are servant of Hatred and intolerance, then ask yourself? who do you truly serve?

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Ninety two families on New Era Estate face eviction

Keithpp's Blog

We are all in it together, we are told.

Today, party leaders were kowtowing to their paymasters at CBI.

Austerity is not working. David Cameron promised more austerity. In a race to the bottom, and not only in poll ratings, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband promised anything you can cut, we can cut even further.

Not all in it together if you live on the New Era Estate in Hoxton.

The New Era Estate in Hoxton has a long history of providing affordable housing and has been home to some people for 70 years.

Not for much longer.

Devastated families are facing being evicted after the inherited estate of Britain’s richest Memeber of Parlieament bought a stake in their homes.

Tory Richard Benyon’s £110 million family firm is part of a consortium that recently bought the housing estate and announced plans for a massive rent hike.

Berkshire Member of Parliament

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Excerpt from Thomas… twin of Jesus

Master! “Tell us what the Sin of the World is?”

Jesus replied ” i tell you the truth there is no Sin of the world” ” Sin only exists when You act in accordance with your corrupted nature!” jealousy, greed, hate,doubt. beguiling wisdom, low self worth!
So, when you find yourself out of balance ( a definition of sin) then take inspiration from nature!”..

For when you make the Negative and positive balanced, when you join the female and male that exists in you! so when you Make the Two into one. so your mind is not divided and your are one ..then as you live and breathe today, you will Enter the Kingdom of Heaven!
And not after your body is in the ground rotting as the hypocrites declare!
for this is the doctrine of the false churches that have Mislead Mankind for an age!

Do not pray to Buddha … be a Buddha.. do not pray to Christ become a Christ!
The once secret knowledge is out there..
Remember, we are kings and queens of this world .. it was written long ago that “we are Gods upon the Earth!”
Not slaves to false Kings and skewed religions.. and money lenders! and enslaved to petty differences…
this is why it is written in “Genesis” that we are created in the image of God..

The kingdom dwells within all peoples and tongues… have faith, patience and endurance, and you will find your inner treasure.. your inner bliss..

As it is written “let them who seek the kingdom of heaven!, keep on seeking, till they have found!”

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Adam and Eve (A metaphysical description)

Adam and Eve is a biblical story that many are aquainted with.yet, many hold to the belief of the Litteral description. and with all great parables there is about 10% truth in the litteral meaning.

Did i say 10% truth, well maybe i should say zero%. for if you miss the point in any truth! then you miss the point in its entirety!
Yet! there is a valid point in the litteral even though the creationist And all other bible bashing, (ouch) fanatics and the Misguided, have missed the point, in what the meaning is, and what is truly being relayed in the Adam and Eve Parable.

You also have to remember this account would of been passed down in the oral tradition of story telling ..SO IT WAS ALL metaphorical, and symbolic and more Importantly about the inner life and spirtual WISDOM.

The heavens speak of the Hevens using the heavens  (Daniel)

Just like in the oral traditions of the Native Americam Indians and many other cultures.

Let “US” Create Man in our image  (Genisis)

There is a school of theology that states the Earth was to be Inhabited by the feminine powers only. (sometimes i wish it was)

But, God of the Most high, Intervened and said no Let there also be Masculine powers.

so the two then can become one again while they are on the earth.. i added that bit. and this bit.so as maybe they can find there soul mates! there true other halfs .. who knows?

There is also a school of thought, that states, when the Human form was to come into exsisitence, and all the universe was to be set in motion, that, in the making of this, the human form.          there became a split in The one Sex, The hamophrodite if you like or, the One sex of the Cosmos or the heavens

And so from this cosmic split of the one unity, there became the Male and the Female species..
And also came the Procreation of all things of matter upon the Planet, and to this day some things remain one sex. insects, flowers, and people born with both sexes. and even some with an extra chromosone. even those who chase both sexes! 

Adam and Eve is a story about this, it is an oral interpretation of the creation from the one body of The cosmos. The one sex that is both male and feamle yet maybe is Neither and then the ensuing split of the one into a male, and female Power. Created from the heavans of where all oneness dwells and so,  when the split happened there was an almighty Bang! ( pun intended) and so this universe came into being.. maybe?

The story of Adam and eve can shows us the waking of the Consciousness, from the Realisation of there Nakedness, shame moreover sexual shame ( i hate the vatican)  

Also the story/parable  that Knowledge “will be given” that they will become knowers of Good and evil.. hello “will become” future tense!

The mind wakes slowly, Millions of years of evolution, to this point in time and look at our leaders all leading us astray 

They assist in keeping us divided.. this is the greates trick by those in power who know the secret books.. “Divide and conquer” “then Rule”.. Fuck them i say!!

Like lambs to the slaughter We lauging like uneducated clowns ( me and you) as they laughand snap like hyenas tearing at meat

The serepent is a prime example of the Mind when it has become Divided.and all the varying thoughts we have creative yet destructive ..
In itself the mind it moves, this way and that.. and you/we think we are in control!! hahaha that deserves a wee Lol..                                                                                                                    The mind moves in waves and in a way,moves like an “S” in and out, left and right!

This is where lays the Duality of Humanity,  The mind is always moving, never seeking stillnes, harmony, and the unity with its own soul and body.ALWAYS SEEKING NEVER BIENG  that which lays within your own self.. not the self seeking with someone elses self,for control,for you cannot control yourself!!

And in this way, you could call it a curse! never finding inner peace, and never finding true inner peace not the peace of the leased kind! that is also a false face leased by socoiety nice but not eternal.

.. It is wriiten that the snake was called cursed, and was to slither along the face of the earth on it’s belly.
.. this can mean that you will never get to know the Heights of Heavan if you are always sltihering in the mud and keeping your face down, buried in the sand like an ostrich!

And while your mind swings from this, to that, keeping busy  9-5 five -six days a week… whhooaa Slow down!

breathe baby! Breathe! 

why do we like to keep busy .. sure it can be fun.. hanging out hobbies etc work mmm okay 2 or three times a week max… but ask most people they cannot saty stil or sit on there own?for any long periods of time .. why?

because we do not know the stillnes or the Darkness inside.. and since we stumble there we niether know The Light

becuase deep down we are at dis-ease!

we have never made this teaching, how could we it has been hidden from us!

So as Jesus says in the Gospel of Thomas;

Made the Two into one, The inner as the outer .the upper as the below and the below as the upper. (This is about your body, mind and soul)

we have not learned to transcend our Sexuality.. we live in it and  if we aint Looking for it, then we are thinking about it!

we are defined by it.. time to redifine.. but still enjoy a 69        (Poetical lol)

Jesus says in one of the hidden Gospels that:

only when you transcend your Sexuality will you enter in to the Divine place!

He never says stay away from sex.. hell no!

this universe is sex.,. but to transcend it.. to join the male and female, that is a metaphor for Adam and Eve inside you!

Think about it you carry your mother and father inside you?


The serpent  must be stilled Like the staff of Moses..  


And the Mind conqured. for then you get wings to fly…

The snake eating its own tail is the Earliest representation of the halo.. the perfected showing of your inner Energy and light baby… light! HENCE THE SUN!! GET IT!!  




Ask a buddist monk or anyone that Practices meditation it takes time, skill of patience to learn to sit with yourself, and meditate. ( i am slowly gettin back into it)

Hell in these Hellish days, with facebook, twitter,


Plus all the destruction the wars. poverty, children dying, polluted water.
All any sane person would want to do, is To strike the ostrich Pose.. but as it was wriiten by some clever Chap “




I might not be taking big steps but i am taking steps .. maybe not everyday but most days ..

I wish we could all come together.. Jesus! 

Be as wise as a serpent and as Innocent as Dove … Gerry Rafferty 


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just some of the Global issues (the tip of the iceberg)

Nearly a billion people entered the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their names.

Less than one per cent of what the world spent every year on weapons was needed to put every child into school by the year 2000 and yet it didn’t happen.

Some 1.1 billion people in developing countries have inadequate access to water, and 2.6 billion lack basic sanitation.

According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty. And they “die quietly in some of the poorest villages on earth, far removed from the scrutiny and the conscience of the world. Being meek and weak in life makes these dying multitudes even more invisible in death.

Number of children in the world
2.2 billion

Number in poverty
1 billion (every second child)

Approximately half the world’s population now live in cities and towns. In 2005, one out of three urban dwellers (approximately 1 billion people) was living in slum conditions.

51 percent of the world’s 100 hundred wealthiest bodies are corporations.

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