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Individualism is Brown Bread. “Yer broon breed, yer Deed!!”

one mind, can open or close it. if you wish to remain a sheep find a good shepherd. (it may take you a lifetime, or not. Continue reading

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Stalking Destiny

True Grit. A great film of which the re-make i prefered although my Grandad did love the John Wayne Version.  i wish he could have seen the Re-make,  The Dude [jeff bridges ]Turned Gun Slinger. Anyways where does it come from … Continue reading

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A woman… shared from vikramroyblog. world press.com

A woman...  shared from vikramroyblog. world press.com

she reminds me of a girl i know & i hope to meet again! . on the road named Destiny!

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Lov’er With an S

Flower, flower Silhouette Bright Under Candlelight, And White Moonlight beneath Starry Night, Upon Dazzling Daylight, Bedeviling Diamond sight, My Earthly Mother, Passes her Delight, My Egyptian Candlelight, Princess in Hebrew, Eternal Sunlight!  

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Outside My Window, Upon The Floor

Outside my Window I feel a wee Cal’d Draft. A Har From The Sea A Grey Misty Sight, As far as my Eye’s Could See, And Further beyond The Banks O’ The Dee A Rainbow Upon The Garden Floor, Pale? … Continue reading

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Where are you!

My Hands Do Shake As the Tremors of The Earth, Collide & Slide! Our Wake Up Call, The Destruction May Subside? Now Again..I am Sick Caught Breifly again, My Earthly Conflict.? My Body does Shake, as i begin To wake! … Continue reading

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