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How is your Relativity?

Hot Chocolate des Marijuana then early to bed n’ early too ….zzz.. This Cup of hot chocolate probably is a more benign way to treat insomnia and other stresses/fatigues lumbered upon us in our modern world. Nowhere near as addictive … Continue reading

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My Modern take on Genesis chapter 1-27

Genesis 1- 27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him male and female he created them. It is well known that to change the structure of a sentence all you need … Continue reading

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Happy Easter Folks.. Thanks to all for following my wee Blog and Liking

Ass-ing about In Glasgow.. with one of these Faces belonging to me.. Crack a chocolate Egg

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The Rocking chair

The rocking chair of the mind does rock forward and back for we live in trepidation, moreover we live in fear! when was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone.. Do you think evil is sin and sin is … Continue reading

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 What, or who …

    What, or who you going to Blame when the Devil is Called home.   There exists, a train of thought  like this That, “when you die? and are called to account your deeds or lack of them?”. one good angel and one … Continue reading

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Baptism of Truth. or a Mental Boost?

Did not John The Baptist Say ” I Baptize you with Water, but one is Coming, who’s shoes i am not fit to Tie, And He will Baptize you with the Holy Spirit”  He was Speaking of Jesus. I myself was Baptized within … Continue reading

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What Would You Rather Be!

    What would you Rather Be   A Bird that Floats on the Breeze!   What would you Rather See?…..   A Lifeless body on the Forsaken Ground     On The cracked Sidewalk In Broken Town.   And … Continue reading

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A black Tear

 A Black Tear! As gently you come near, A black Grape as you contemplate The remenants of any Hidden Fear, So once again all is clear, and as Jesus taught You have come from the Light, And so you will … Continue reading

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Your Revolution…

Your Revolution, Is your Inner Evolution!!

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Mistakes we all make them!

Dearest Peeps. The Greatest Evil in the world is IGNORANCE as all evil act’s, stem from Ignorance, Ignorance of the Other, Ignorance of your True Self! why were the original Laws given? The Commandments & then The ten & then … Continue reading

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