Time for a change! great and small

I would like to offer my congratulations and a super well done! and not because you are reading this blog, ( I hope you are & a Merry Christmas ) but for the simple reason, that is, you have managed to escape from the clutches of our wonderfully fair and superior society. Out and far~far away from our Modern-day tentacled Cities.

(Huston, we have take-off.)

Away from its overpriced high-end shops and ultra branded pristine nearly fully automated high street Banks with their endless advertising campaigns P.R onslaughts. with smooth music and soothing words, catchy, almost hypnotic, ultra-hip motos like “life is good”  to the un-advertised tinned goods and U.H.T Laden shelves of the ever-increasing, Eastend, Southend, and Northside #Foodbanks. And the glory of glories and happiness of happiness again well done!. And if you have not managed yet! well, keep on trucking, as I have it on good authority from the people at the top  The Lord and Ladies of the pyramid and They tell me that they are not pissing on you, as according to them, it is actually raining. Believe, as that’s what they are saying, and we know our overlords never lie, so it must be true! And If you are one out of the say, twenty thousand that make out to the country be it a cottage or Mansion or have made it and now live as an ex-pat in sunny climes hopefully somewhere super Exotic! or you opted and for the rolling countryside an earl grey.

Where It has to be much easier to forget about the harsh realities of the world.  Living miles or kilometres away from the noisy inner or outer cities. Where hardened faces talk and walk, hand in hand with mouths agape, loosely spilling harsh words without a care for all in earshot to hear. some can be Likened to Dom Jolly and his mobile phone skit (if you remember it) maybe you get paranoid with hearing languages from far afield from all corners of the World, Biblically it is called the multitude. for some the remnants of a One time great for some Empire that in it’s educated wisdom now cries for a Commonwealth but a commonwealth of hope & equality where sadly we see that more and more we live and move to a common goal of disaster. (is this planned?) by the ever-growing fascist power of big Corps where the few live very well and the many just survive, like in Africa, where they to have food banks, but instead of tins, their food arrives in sacks and is marked Aid. And it by far is not the only country that needs milk, honey, education and bread.

The bee-like buzz of a chattering of a quiet ever-increasing worldwide hum of a lost people, wandering like a lost tribe that Jesus or the Buddha would call The blind. The lame, amongst a truly leaderless flock.  no matter who we elect, it is not working. maybe Bitcoin can help?240_F_128569779_V8LHtXcAnX8WIQyD5hTICu0wR6l84eOQ

We need to restructure. We seem to be far removed from each other, drifting further apart from where within a once carefree laughter roamed and ran. This genuine joy and laughter at the simplest things have become a rare sound, indeed a rare sight, unless you pay to go see a stand up comic. who is feeding you a social commentary and are mostly serious, but we laugh instead of being called to action? Other than that of a genuine head tilting laugh it is becoming like the white Rhino, nearly extinct, and in exchange, we have inherited nay, become accustomed to the high pitched stress of a more common sound, like that of a grey squirrel.

(bad animal metaphors aside) The noise of anger bubbles up, as though the wyrd sisters were stirring the cauldron of malcontent and disease of anguish and stress. waiting for the now common as muck warhead of an uncaring rage, only a red button away from exploding.  But to you the country dweller oh fortunate one, it is now a distant memory. miles away from the kerb spitters and litter louts, too lazy maybe too young which we all know is no excuse or maybe too grand to find an empty bin that is all but 20 paces away or in case someone they know spots them and they may think that you are crazy! as it is someone else’s job to clean the streets plus, I have just had a pedicure.

Some mornings, like this one, you reminisce as the frost melts away from the windows and you sip your tea of the grime of that fast paced dawg eat dawg its only buisness metropolitan way of life as you enter  and sit down in the old Victorian conservatory that for many a generation has sheltered many a family and heard many a loving and warm conversation as they also took breakfast and drank a morning coffee chatting, bathed in the rays of the golden hue of a morning winter light, daydreaming, watching the morning frost melt away from the rising of a soon to come winter Solstice Sun.

Sitting down, opening up your broadsheet, this is now your window back to the bustle and the hustle of an ever-increasing Citied metropolitan World circa 1984.  The greed, grime and crime you so gratefully and so thankfully left behind. Bitcoin had been a fantastic investment, not that you were a CEO or board member you just with a bit computing foresight hit it lucky.  you were a simple call centre handler who like thousands took near on two hours to get to work. Now the sounds of your morning commute consist only in the rustling of the daily i~paper it being one of the only decent, tangible periodicals left. the soft sipping of your earl grey and the tweets and chirps of the gentle countryside Birds as they talk and sing to one another. Mentally with each sip, your mind’s eye is tending to your soon to bloom flowers, in a month or two will be pushing through the frosted earth of winter months as the first shade of green sprouts and pops forth. Not long to go now, when Spring slowly, seemingly effortlessly waves her wand and marvels she adores all time but spring, her birth, is her mothers glow, her Mothers pride as all manner of colours like a rainbow fountain start breathing upon the breeze shooting for the clouds and reaching for the dew of her father the sky.

You are content and do wish all peoples were also far like you, from the noise and cacophony that we hear daily, country to country and shopping mall to shopping mall, from stressed-out parents to young or the undereducated to know or realise that they are projecting their own mistakes, emotions, bad advice or low self-esteem. occasionally you hear the distant roar of a solitary diesel engine, a local farmer’s tractor echoes over pastures, paddock and meadow, Biss!. It is a far cry from the constant low growl of a growing disenfranchised public. The palpable hum of thought laden opinions, transports and articulated diesel engines as they jostle, bucking like wild horses just to gain an inch or two. To the deadpan commuter,  pokerfaced travellers, the faceless and computer illiterate hoi polloi who are a whole dance routine out of step. The facebook~less, who have no concept of social media who have never been aboard a plane yet alone owned a passport. The skint and depressed unconscious collective,( Jung) the death masked choiceless. To the P.A.Y.E. Friday night wolf packs out in the neon-lit winter streets, from the smooth chined school leaver to the silver grizzled family man to underage youths dominating the same inner city corner, usually next to a free wi-fi spot next to a MacDonalds or some other fast-food multinational.  all the time the shining bright eyes of youth watching you. (Monkey see~monkey do) You, the rowdy, loud overspill of a once privately owned drinking establishment to the now corporate owned franchised bars. The owners may have changed but not the Patrons,  behaviour at the closing time, either laughter or a violent skirmish, as the youths learn to navigate the vomit-stained Monday morning kerbs along with paper fliers blowing in the wind from the cracked weekend streets and lanes, home to the homeless, begging to survive. which used to be only a Friday and Saturday night. but now begging is full-time Monday to Monday, Like party time, if you want it can be 24/7. running with the crowd to be seen, to be noticed to be well turned out, in the hunt for a mate, a love, the evolution of the mating game. The night out to help de-stress from your work cubicle of gloom where targets are to be met or face Madame Guillotine. Life in the west is not all streets paved with Gold, it is more like a 7/11 only closed (Briefly) to re-stock.

Please do not mistake me here, as there is nothing wrong with a good night out. (I personally love to shake and shuffle to boogie ) But, in the streets and more and more under the false glamour of the neon lights the blue flashing light of trouble is never far away as alpha male knocks heads with Alpha male with more police on the streets over the weekend, with the less experienced officers who are pumped and chomping at the bit.

Thankfully they are not yet like their American counterparts. And as the shots are snorted, drunken jealousies can erupt as the bigger the drinks the shorter the fuses can become.  And facts being facts this usually starts from within the mindset of the less educated or born of drunk superiority which has its home in both camps.East and West. Yet not so long ago the blame of societies ills lay with the poorer end of a city And If it is not a clash of football colours then it is a clash of lifestyles. jealousies.

The young tradesman throws the 1st punch at the career, west end pretty boy/ Trainee Architect that like his east end contemporary is fueled by “Tokyo”. (of late I’ve been watching Peaky Blinders)  His mental capabilities from within his mind’s eye he is “Ip Man” are now fueled by Snow are outweighing his physical capabilities.  Or the unemployed drug dealer who is trying to carve out a name and dreams of a gangsters fortune because to get anywhere in life that is all he knows. Plus it does not help that this was how he was brought up, seeing his Father/stepfather selling drugs to seeing his mother slapped about at every old firm game whether they won or lost, it did not matter, as soon as the booze started if it was match day or not.

But the Trainee Architects Parents are Doctors. He, being fortunate, has grown up with good direction and without Domestic violence and is unlikely to be beset by the difficulties of violence from within a family.  He may grow up with a sense of entitlement or superiority, dependent on their families social status. After all, the word snob did not come into our language out of mere fantasy. His father like the Eastend boy’s father may well mentally dominate all from behind closed doors. like too many a family will weaponize his money, the family fortune.

A story that’s all too common with the aristocracy, Agatha Christie’s bread and butter novels stories that are nearly as old as the hills.  And as we know, no one is immune to bad choices or choices inflicted by others or rich or poor recovering from tragedy.

A man/woman became blind, firstly they lost their job, then the friends slowly disappeared (they thought he was doing alright occasionally asking after him/her) until like many a seeing or un-seeing person was/is totally alone.

Slowly, carelessly the slippery slope of alcohol starts and on their daily commute to the off-licence, the vultures’ primal, keen-eyed instinct for sensing weakness start to notice them with a white cane in hand, on their daily prowling and circling of the local shopping centre. This sad, but albeit a true truth for some, is that sometimes the shit company is better than no company. and before you know it, the shopping centre crew have a place to hang out and a blind person to use. ( I had a neighbour who was blind and he was one of the first to truly show me that softness, kindness is trampled on) okay, maybe the 2nd or third person.

I know, as do many local support groups, N.G.O’s and the like, that is, the better the support one has! then, hey presto (slight sarcasm) the more likely there will be a recovery from any bad choices or depressions. but if there is a support system implemented beforehand then a lot of misery can be bypassed. Misery and depression and mental fatigues that seems to be all around in the opening decades of our new age of Aquarius

And as I have quoted in a previous blog a famous American Negro philosopher once said:

”It is easier to raise a healthy child than to repair a broken man”

I wonder how many people will be offended by using the word Negro? Context? “George Carlin”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXWBvB4U-cA

Imagine if drugs were legal? and all you had to do was register at say “Boots” or any local chemist. And if a problem developed you could be admitted to a rehab centre. Pronto, No waiting, No red-tape and Bureaucracy.  Straight in, no hope of hopes required, you are admitted just as quickly as a celebrity can be admitted today, as long as they have the funds to pay of course. But a poor man has no cash to pay So any hope is then dashed and on the sidelines, you sit and stare, people, social workers/ friends and the many charities watch on as more misery ensues. tied by a lack of funds. it is as simple as that. “Money!

I have just turned 44 and have battled with addiction since I was 23/24yrs old. In more Recent times  I had managed just over two & half years clean time. Note* I have never been to Rehab and any clean time I have won and I have done so on my own steam. Some friends did help by just being there to talk to. (Last week I managed 3 days. Small droopy whoop) the point I am making here is that I am well versed/matured in the world of addiction. As are our own Governments ( The opium wars) 200 years ago are. back then workers/people were paid in opium and given a bowl of rice twice a Day. The employer was the Private arm of the Government, hmm! possibly a company in east India (wink-wink)

The drug crisis is similar to the religious crisis in as such, it is a worldwide phenomenon, a psychological epidemic. Even Donald Trump who has been speaking out about it and, he is a person that much of the world dislikes. And yet for all his quasi-uncultured brutish ways, he has hit the nail on the head, By bringing this problem to the political table as it is a problem that is just going to grow. Why? Well, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the population is growing faster than ever before (as far as we know) maybe we are the2nd Atlantis. Secondly: people like to get together and party, a drink in hand and with recreational Drugs now being a part of our culture. Whether it be a spliff with a glass of Red or a line of the white stuff.  I personally am in favour of the use of drugs of course in moderation.  It is the abuse of narcotics that we know becomes problematic. And the abuses that come with that when people become enslaved not just to the drug but to the dealer (that destroys communities with fear) and out of that is born all sorts of Skulduggery and division when the once-promising girl or boy from any side of town becomes embroiled in prostitution. (Crack epidemic) The Welders Daughter, The Architects Son. Who if they are lucky and have a good support system and the money to pay for Rehab may just escape the clutches of the Dealer (as did some of my friends )and their wolfpack Gang. And so instead of a possible decade/s of misery may go on to live a full and fulfilled life or worst case scenario they might not see in their next Birthday as was the case with a number of my friends.One just recently.

Early on in my addiction, I developed a growing disdain for the Dealer who dealt but never sampled. Who grew rich on the misery of others and who was in a position of power to abuse those who were addicted, I still have but I have come to understand the how and the why? And it comes down to 1- a lack of education. 2-bad parenting 3-it is seen as a way out. 4-They know no better as they have grown up with criminality as the norm. 5-their parents are drug addicts. 6- Escape from mental & physical abuse. 7-The Alpha male and controlling behaviour with no other outlet Which, I coin Scarface syndrome and this is just the dealer. Secondly, you have the victim and families, People. Human beings

The victims of addiction that even the dealers unawares are unwittingly one. However, before I write about the other half of that double-edged sword. There are some Mechanics of our current system that you should be aware of, so to help you understand what and how much change is needed as a society as an individual.

Firstly, in Scotland, 60% of the current Jail population is solely down to drug-related crime. So that’s more than half of the offending population. So if the drug epidemic is to be resolved? Then this would close down more than half of the Prisons in Scotland (which one assumes would free up monies) and with that also comes X-amount of personnel/Officers becoming unemployed. On top of that, the courts would have less traffic/offenders to deal with.  So this also leads to unemployment of qualified persons, lawyers, prosecutors, Judges, security and internal housekeeping staff. All this on a nationwide scale which again as stated above frees up Budgeted monies as the court system is within the Public sector.

But what party is going to take the radical plunge! And who has the answers? It would be quite fitting for the green party to legalise and monetise and market Marijuana. You just have to look at the “Green states” like California that in 2016 netted just under $7 billion in sales according to Forbes Magazine.    https://www.forbes.com/sites/debraborchardt/2017/01/03/marijuana-sales-totaled-6-7-billion-in-2016/#3d3c217f75e3

Drugs are not going to go away but what I hope disappears is the misuse and abuse of Drugs and the power of the small street dealers to the big cartels.  Personally I never really liked getting stoned on weed by itself but give me a puff of a joint after a glass of Red and I am on the happy street. Or let me eat a Medicinal cookie and watch me smile all day. If smiling all day is not good for your health I don’t know what is.

The legalisation/decriminalisation of drugs is like the Driverless electric car? it is Inevitable!. But as I stated above, with it comes unforeseen consequences like mass unemployment which if you know is going to happen then, the unforeseen becomes the seen, like the aquamarine of a tropical coral reef. (which is also dying)

So far and probably the only reason why cars have not been fully automated is? 1- There would be mass unemployment Worldwide. From Taxi drivers to delivery drivers, Long-haul Truckers etc.  You don’t need to be Einstein to work out that this leaves a lot of people redundant, nearly ¼ of the planets employed without a wage and without money coming in to support their families-(In a nutshell =Skint!) tick tock the mental clock. Basic income perhaps?

According to Elon Musk, most, if not all cars are already prepped for full automation, just waiting to be chipped. All that is needed is a microchip and the software and Boom! the Automation of vehicles’ has happened. https://twitter.com/elonmusk?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

The main consequence of the automation of vehicles is what to do with all the people now out of work? all the minds tick, tick, ticking away! And how to avoid mass panic, mass riots and mass poverty, though the latter that sadly is already on our doorstep. It just hasn’t entered into all of our houses so to speak! But it’s definitely knocking on the proverbial front door.

So what do too? with a future that for many who think more about the welfare of others and the planet is very clear to see?  Unless you are selectively blind or you enjoy the status of being superior and that of self-entitlement. Believing in the sweat off of the back and brows of others. No matter your material persuasion! change is coming. The High streets as we knew them are dying but are not yet obsolete. But if a new scenario is not thought up and implemented then goodbye!  And I am sure some folks/councillors are trying! But as always, it comes down to money, politics and possibly ego. So, instead of gripping onto the old way of things and every year checking sales percentages and reaching ever bigger targets and the awful spectacle of Black Friday, like pigs at the trough.

Personally, I think more people are taking up MMA solely not as a sport or hobby but just so they are first in the queue and can get the best deals once a year. (” No one here gets out alive”) unless you have a butler in your employ or shop online.or are a Kick ass (MMA) Bruce lee style

Time, the Solution is “TIME” and what do I mean you might be asking yourself for this one worded answer? Many of, if not all of our social ills solved by one word! Erm?! Okay.  #Yip I think I might stop reading this blog, you may be thinking to yourself if this, is this Man’s solution to our many societal ills and misuses of technology. “Time!”

“Time!” (You may think that I am enveloped in a massive haze of smoke from my blazing up of the well-known Ak47.) You would be wrong but not entirely.  I am smoking, but not that particular flower. (It is purely medicinal at this time) But, am I wasting my time writing this blog? I hope not. Have I wasted my time on this earth due to my Addiction? Yes, in as such, if I had made better more informed choices. Maybe if I was born into a different family. Maybe if I had not made the mistake of picking up my drug of choice after getting clean and sober. Maybe if my childhood had more stability in it. What If I had married the only girl that I was ever engaged too? There be a Lot of maybes and lots of if’s. But one thing that was never in short supply was advice or looking up to individuals of whom I believed in but who were wrong and inexperienced. Belief, that’s maybe a word to explore on my next blog “if” I have the time to get around to writing about it.

So time? What do you think about time? what is your story? What is time for you?

For myself, I have always found that the “time is money” an abhorrent saying. Yet it seems to be almost programmed into our psyche with most of us spending nearly all our time thinking about money, the accumulation of it or the spending of it, or the loss and stress of it. There is a line from Star Trek where Jon Luc Picard states that money has not been used by the Federation for 300 years. maybe they implemented a basic income

It is my belief and that of others, that if people were not tied down by debt and living pay check to pay check and chasing down every pound worrying about their future then their creative streak would come to the forefront and flourish. And right now, as I write this blog, there is the distinct possibility that somewhere on this planet there is a person or persons who given the freedom of time and being unburdened by living pay check to pay check to have in their head floating about an idea for opening up wormholes or some other radical possibility. But the older they become the more the spark of genius tends to disappear as they fall in line, conforming to the norm, gaining a promotion at work, taking out a mortgage and like a deep sea diver the more weights the more they sink and on reaching the bottom of the Sea they join the rest of the hoi polloi slowly and tiringly plodding along making other people more wealthy. The dreams of Space exploration and moon colonization and helping to make life easier and bring joy to others is sunk weighed down by debt they pass a shipwrecked galleon. The galleon before it sank was full of gold and silver and precious stones. Many people, up to 150 worked on this Ship but only one person, one family owned all the cargo it held. While the crew they were paid in buttons grog and rice and maybe a pipe of opium. Not much has changed; we still get free grog at the end of year Xmas party. The opium smoking is kinda frowned upon.

So “Time” many People work to retire so they can spend free time near a beach or in the hills and to help their family and try to forget about the ills of the world.

Time: Many people struggle when they have time on their hands as they do not know what to do with themselves work gives them a purpose. The mind is active and boredom sets in, working does help solve this and allows you to go out and party or holiday with your friends and more importantly you feel as though you belong. Like going to a football match or the theatre or, working out , down the gym or joining an MMA Class so you can literally beat off the competition during black Friday or any other crazy sales day or a drunken fool. ( i apologise in advance)

Time: if you come from a good loving family in this day and age then take it from me if you do not already know that you are super blessed, whether you believe in God or not. You are a lottery winner in a cosmic sense.

Time: tonight, on the news, there is a Grandmother who can smell Parkinson’s disease. When she was younger she may not have had the time. However, the older she became and the more TIME she spent with her Husband and Voila! Her sense of smell developed over time. (Scientifically proven)

Time: Meditation is yoga for the mind. But who has the time to meditate when you are working 12-hour shifts? Or having the funds to pay and go to yoga when you are on a minimum wage.

Time: In a household can be an eternity, depending on the household. 60% of abuse happens behind closed doors and that is the reported stats, so sadly it’s more than likely a higher number.

Time: if we could go back to the TIME where people left their doors unlocked then neighbours would look after neighbours and no elderly person need spend Xmas alone. No family with troubles need face these troubles alone. “Time”

Time: if we worked more part “TIME” hours then companies could offer to train more people as there would be the availability due to more people working reduced/Part-“TIME” hours and nobody need be unemployed. Oh! But wait, TIME is MONEY. Yuck! & yikes! Excuse, while my mortal coil buckles and vomits in revulsion.

But who, what, where and when? Will Governments do what is needed for the welfare of those in dire need the mighty righteousness of truth and honesty if the greedy do not want to be a part of the solutions’ Then, we the people call for them to be capped and regulated?

When is Some Political party going to take the plunge to restructure the working week? There are many models to choose from and it must be “TIME” for a change. Historically It has been nearly 100 years since #HenryFord, founder of Ford Motor Company, decided to try something different: His workers would only work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Back Then the world population was at one Billion 870 million. There are some companies who do try to bring some type of equality and individual empowerment to their workplace so; YOUR and your children’s children’s “TIME” is spent in creative spaces. And maybe one of them along with their Good friends cracks the wormhole equation. I hope so. It for sure won’t be any of my children’s kids unless I meet someone in the next couple of years as my time is running out. Below are some creative workspaces. Hello happy TIME Goodbye depressing “TIMES” with out-dated workstations of gloom. where most spend more TIME there than they do at home “TIME!”


So what Government will write a white paper? And what private or public company will stand up and realise that the canteen/company dishwashers “TIME” is just as important as the Bosses “time”. Ask yourself Boss or employee, who’s “TIME”  is more important than someone else’s “TIME?”    Does your birthright entitle you to a better life, better pay, better schooling? As there is no denying the draft or lottery factotum style when it comes to the “TIME” that one has upon this fragile yet beautifully ferocious, explosive yet tranquil, tiny but gigantic blue planet that we call the Earth is a bright dot of light upon the arm of a cosmic clock its spiral marking the passing of its “TIME” on a cosmic level. It is possible that every full Rotation of our spiral galaxy is maybe what signals/ushers in a new age for all that is sentient.

And as Einstein stated “TIME” is a constant as is its tandem discovery of relativity! I hope this makes sense to you?  it is the understanding, its philosophy, its story of “TIME” relative baby, time is.

Yet a possible truth though maybe to some a myth, is that the Earth is our Mothers Womb and all above is where our fathers house was floored with the finest of sand and the boughs  did bow to make a roof  and then words were given to help find and navigate the hidden place in the secret lock stored by the heart, the temple from the clay we were born.

Are we “All” truly given the chance not to just dip our toes into something creative from Lego building to one no more daydreaming but of engineering wormholes. from the mind of the dishwasher manifests and who cracks the math, from becoming a jack of all trades until they find their masterpiece within. And the theoretical play-dough becomes timed Nuclear explosions, opening a rift in space for future generation to become true Star Trekkers morals & philosophies included.

Until then, we are all the last gardeners of Allepo.